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Hey All. As you can probably guess from the title, I have created a Blog Blowfish youtube channel. At the moment I will be posting videos containing all the easter eggs from Aardman films, as they seem to be some of my most popular posts. If you could head on over there and subscribe and like the only video at the moment that would really help.

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Animal Crossing Wii U

I was browsing My Nintendo News and found this absolutely superb video today created by Josh from the Bit Block. When I saw it I was genuienly amazed at the standard of the work he put into this video. The video gives some ideas as to what an Animal Crossing Wii U would look like. Josh has created one of the best videos I have seen like this in a long time. The 3d modelling, the video effects, and the vector graphics are so beautiful, you would think he worked for Nintendo. I’ve never even played an Animal Crossing game (I know I should) but I really enjoyed this video. The animations are just right too. This video is in his series entitled “Make Believe,” with more videos based around other Nintendo games coming soon. If his next videos in the series are as well produced as this one I will certainly be watching them.

Animal Crossing Wii U
Josh from Bit Block’s Make Believe

You can find the Bit Block Youtube channel here.

Air Mags Back to the Future

Perhaps one of the most recognisable features of Back to the Future’s utopian view of 2015, has to be the hoverboards. In this post I hope to show you the history of the hoverboard, from its initial conception to its eventual production.

Although everyone assumes hoverboards were first created for Back to the Future, it may surprise you that one of the original concepts was conceived way back in the 1950s. This was named the Hiller VZ Pawnee, and rather than a board it was more of a floating platform. It was built for use by the American Army, but they didn’t really see its potential so only six were made, although they flew them successfully throughout the late 1950’s.

Hiller Aircraft Hoverboard Back to the Future
Hiller Aircraft Floating Platform

From what I can tell the first place we really saw something resembling a hoverboard was on the Jetsons. It seems logical for the first appearance of one to be on a cartoon set in the future. They appear to ride them like Griff and his gang as they hold a piece of string. We are never told that this gadget is a hoverboard, but it certainly acts like one.

Jetsons Hoverboard Back to the Future
The Jetson’s Hoverboard

After its first appearance on television, the hoverboard became a household name when Back to the Future II came out in 1989. The film shows a hoverboard used as a scooter until Marty rips of the handlebars and uses it as a  skateboard. The board takes an important role in the film getting Marty out of many scrapes. Since the film, the idea of a hoverboard has fascinated generations, so many different scientists and scientific organizations have been trying to recreate one for themselves. Unfortunately, they missed the deadline to create one working like it did in the film, but we do know they are still going to continue their work until a great one is on the market.

Back to the Future hoverboard
BTTF’s Hoverboard

In 2001 rumours went around telling people that a hoverboard was in production and soon to come out to market. This project was codenamed “Ginger” and was created by Dean Kamen. The project turned out to be the Segway which was a gyroscopic, two-wheeled form of transportation. Obviously it wasn’t anything like a hoverboard because a hoverboard doesn’t have wheels. So why people thought he was making a hoverboard, I’ll never know.

Back to the Future Hoverboard segway
Not really a hoverboard.

Between 2004 and 2005, two tv shows tried their hand at building their own hoverboards. These programmes were Mythbusters and the Gadget show. Both shows went about the project in pretty much the same way; neither bothered using different chemical reactions or magnets, but used leaf blowers and boards. At this time not even Jamie Hyneman or Jason Bradbury could create a hoverboard as they both ended as failures.

Gadget Show Jason Bradbury Hoverboard Back to the Future
Jason Bradbury’s Hoverboard
Jamie Hyneman mythbusters Back to the Future Hoverboard
The Mythbuster Hoverboard

It wasn’t until 2011 when some real institutions tried their hands at cracking it. This year the Université Paris Diderot in France showed off their “Mag Surf.” Their hoverboard could hover 3cm off the ground by using a superconductor and a magnetized floors. You can watch their demonstration video below.

There have been two high profile hoaxes too. A gentleman by the name of Greg Henderson launches a Kickstarter for his hoverboard in 2014. It turned out it was a massive pr stunt as he never really wanted to use the technology for hoverboards but for other products of his. He basically used it as advertising for his business. Another hoax appeared on YouTube called HUVr featuring Tony Hawk and Christopher Lloyd. It showed a hoverboard working just like it did in the movie. Unfortunately, it was a hoax created by the YouTube Channel, Funny or Die. They had used the same effects as the movies to give the authentic look.

After looking at all the different attempts at creating a hoverboard, Lexus have to be the best so far.  They use the same kind of science as the French guys but make it look a lot cooler. The video is just mind-blowing. It may seem that the board is going over concrete, but it isn’t it is going over a special metal surface. Nevertheless it is still amazing!

So lets hope Mattel have been working on it for 30 years and are ready to release their ultimate board tomorrow.


For any aspiring photographer or designer, Photoshop is the best piece of software. Photoshop, however, has a fairly large price tag and is inaccessible for some who just want to use it for a hobby.  Fortunately, there are alternatives to Photoshop that are either free or very inexpensive.

This piece of software is one the best free photo editors you can download online. It works just as you expect it too with layers, effects, and tools. This software is only available for Windows.

If you would like to download this great piece of software you can go here.

If you need help with I would recommend this YouTube playlist created by Yakobelt. User Interface
The Paint.Net User Interface


This is perhaps the best online photo editor. It is very similar to Photoshop if stripped down a bit, because it is online. This is a great service to use if you are on a computer without any software. It is made by the same people who create Autocad and Maya, Autodesk.

You can find this great online service here.

pixlr Online User Interface


This is a great and cheap piece of software that you should buy if you want a great replacement for Photoshop. This software is for Mac, iPad, and iPhone. The Mac version is $29.99 while hte app is $4.99. If you are willing to spend some money I would recommend you buy Pixelmator.

The Pixelmator website has all the necessary info you need to purchase this software.

Pixelmator has its own YouTube channel full of tutorials and guides.

Pixelmator User Interface
Pixelmator User Interface

What should I suggest next week?


News broke today that the entire Google company will now be classed under another company that will be called Alphabet. This change will make all the Google features all separate from each other giving easier opportunities for innovations and acquisitions. I have decided to provide an alphabet (see what I did there) of some of the many google features we all know and love. Some of these features will become separate from Google, but still be under the banner of Alphabet.

A is for Android

An operating system for phones owned by Google, as well as Google Play app store.

Android Robot

B is for Blogger

Google’s platform for aspiring bloggers. (WordPress is better, just saying)

Blogger Logo
Blogger Logo

C is for Calico

A company aspiring to solve the problem of ageing.

Calico Logo
A Company Made to Make You Look Younger

D is for Docs

An online word processor much like Microsoft Word.

E is for Email

Gmail is the one of the top email providers and seems to be integrated into every Google website.

F is for Fiber

Google’s company that builds high-speed internet connections.

Google Fibre
Google’s Fibre Optic Innitiative

G is for Google Search

The ever popular Google search that we all use to find websites we need.

Google Logo
The Most Recognisable Logo?

H is for Hangouts

Like Skype, and can be more than one person at a time through your Google account.

I is for Inbox

Google’s mail app for phones.

J is for Jetpac

A app used to create data from photos.

Google Jetpac
Infogrpahic of Jetpac’s Acquisition

K is for Knowledge Graph

The info you receive on the right of most Google searches.

Google Knowledge Graph
Always Handy

L is for Life Sciences

The ventures concerning the way we live.

M is for Maps

Google Maps the way for internet savvy users to find their way around in the real world.

N is for Nest

A way to modernise your home with futuristic appliances.

A Thermostat created by Nest

O is for Offers

The part of Google that shows you the best deals for an item you want to buy.

P is for Picasa

The well-known Photo Editor.

Picasa’s Logo

Q is for Quest Visual

A company bought by Google in 2014 known for creating the AR app Word Lens.

R is for Robotics

The company’s ventures into robotics.

S is for Shopping

Google’s marketplace for selling and comparing items.

Google Shopping Logo
Google Shopping Logo

T is for TV

Google have even created Google TV which is a kind of Smart TV that runs an Android operating system.

U is for Under Construction

U was a hard one, so I dedicated it to the many projects that we don’t know about yet and are still under construction.

V is for Ventures

A venture capital company.

W is for Wallet

A mobile payment system similar to Pay Pal and Apple Pay

X is for Google X

Google X is the place for all the crazy ideas created by Google. Some of these ideas include the driverless car, postage via drones, and Wi-fi enabled hot-air balloons.

Y is for YouTube

The most popular video sharing platform online.

Broadcast Yourself

Z is for Zagat

Z was another hard one. Zagat are a company that collect survey results for restaurants started in 1979 as a restaurant guide book publisher, but were bought by google in 2011.

It is getting increasingly hard to get Google out of our lives, but whether you like them or hate them they do provide good websites for all.


It looks like YouTube have changed the look of their player bar on their videos. Some websites reported this a while ago but you needed to change your browser settings to view the new transparent bar; whether I am a lucky one who has received this trans bar or whether everyone has now received it I don’t know. If you haven’t got this new design and you want it you can go to this link to find out how to add it to your browser.

I didn’t need to do anything to get mine so it may be worth waiting instead of fiddling about with your settings.

You should know what every button does, as it is very similar to the old one. The main difference is the transparency, but it also features a forward arrow that will take you, when clicked, to the next video in the playlist or autoplay even if you have autoplay turned off. You can see the differences between the two pictures.

The Old Look
The Old Look
The New, Edgier Look
The New, Edgier Look