For each new gaming generation, the old one becomes obsolete; or so you would think. Retro gaming has received a surge in popularity with more and more people taking out their old childhood consoles and enjoying them again as they did when they were kids. With the love of retro gaming, has come game collections; games that contain more than one retro game. In this post I hope to suggest some great collections of games that you can still buy and play on relatively new consoles.

Midway Arcade Treasures

What can be more retro than arcade games? This great cd contains 24 Midway arcade games and was available on the Playstation 2 and Original Xbox. All of the games were originally arcade machines of which some of them were ported to other consoles. Of the games on here a couple stick out to me. Toobin is a classic game where you are a man on a rubber ring having to avoid different obstacles while cruising down a river. Another good pick is Paperboy, where you take the role of a paper boy delivering newspapers to your subscribers , while vandalising non subscribers homes. You should be able to pick up a copy of this compilation on Ebay or in a local charity shop really cheap.  Check out the 2nd and 3rd versions too.

Midway Arcade Treasures Cover
A Good Collection of Arcade Games
Average Paperboy Street
They see me Toobin

Rare Replay

Undoubtedly one of the best known and most successful publishers has to be Rare. They created some of the best games of the 90s including Banjo- Kazooie, Conkers Bad Fur Day, Battletoads, and Perfect Dark. So when in 2015, they launched Rare Replay, a collection of classic Rare games, on Xbox One, it was a large success. The Rare Replay featured 30 games all made by Rare over 25 years from 1983 to 2008. This disc is full of classics, so certainly worth a look if you like retro games. You can buy this from hundreds of retailers for around £20.00.

rare replay games
Not that Rare anymore

Sonic Mega Collection

As a massive Sonic the Hedgehog fan, I couldn’t miss this compilation off the list. It contains 7 classic Sonic games off the bat, with another 7 more obscure games you can unlock. You can play the classics Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic 3, and Sonic and Knuckles as well as Sonic 3D blast and Sonic Spinball. This game was able to be found on the Gamecube, Playstation 2, Original Xbox, and the PC. You can find it cheap on Ebay on all of these platforms.

Sonic Mega Collection
Press Start for Fun
Sega Mega Collection
Sega Mega Collection Cover Art

NES Remix

Nintendo have been so good in the last few years at getting NES and SNES games onto their virtual consoles. But recently they took it a step further by creating a game that takes the old NES games and revitalises them for the new consoles. NES Remix makes you complete different challenges within the 16 games featured. The challenges could include speedruns, trying not to die in a level, or killing as many enemies as you can within a time limit. Some of the games remastered are Super Mario Bros, Excitebike, and The Legend of Zelda. This game is for the Wii U and 3DS and should be able to be found in any good game store and on the Nintendo eShop.

NES Remix Sprites
NES Remix
NES Remix Cover Arts
NES Remix Cover Art