Having picked up a copy of Mario the first day it came out (with added Amiibo) I have had some time to play the game. Game maker’s are not a new concept, but have rarely been released on consoles. As one of my hobbies is making games, I have experienced many of these game makers and put them to use. I hope to use my experiences in this post as I note games for fans of Mario Maker. I won’t be talking about Mario paint, mainly because Mario Maker is so similar you could almost call it a sequel.

Wario Ware DIY (Nintendo DS)

One of my favourite games, and should be yours too, Wario Ware DIY brings out your game designing ability in a fantastic way. If you don’t know of Wario Ware games, they are basically console games filled with mini-games usually around 10 seconds long that can be won by doing fun and interesting things. As you can probably tell, this game gives you the ability to make your own Wario Ware mini games. Although simple in idea, the tools that are given to you give you so much flexability that you could create almost any 2d mini game you can think of. You can create your own characters and objects, change the rules and win conditions, and also create your own music. The game is also full of other mini games created by the staff, as well as the option of creating your own comics too. If you enjoy Mario Maker, and would enjoy playing around with the rules and behaviours, this game is definitely for you. ¬†Although not currently in production, you can still find them on ebay and in game stores for very low prices.

Wario Ware DIY
Some of the Creation Screens

Sploder (Online)

If you aren’t so confident with creating the rules and behaviours of a game, why not just play around with the objects! Sploder is an online game making service where you can make 1 of 5 styles of games: arcade, platformer, physics puzzle, shooter, or 3d. One thing that is very similar to Mario Maker is the ability just to click and drag the items you want into the scene where you want them. The different styles of games gives you different options depending on the item. You can find this tool at

Games Choice Sploder
The Game Choices of Sploder
Sploder platformer
Sploder Classic Arcade Game

Game Maker: Studio (Software, Windows)

If you really enjoy Mario Maker and are determined to create bigger and better games, Game Maker is for you. Game Maker is one of THE tools for creating 2d games with very little coding. You create rules and behaviours by choosing and changing the ones you need. You can add your own graphics made in external pieces of software and create characters and scenery from them. It should be easy to pick up if you have a little experience, but can be mastered as you go through resulting in some very good quality games. You can find a free version on the website, but you can splash out on the premium versions if you really want to take it seriously.

Game Maker Studio
Game Maker Studio