In 1974, a Hungarian gentleman by the name of Erno Rubik, created a cultural icon. Having sold over 350 million items, the Rubik’s Cube became the toy of the decade. Since it’s creation the cube has gained so much popularity within the puzzling world there are even World Championships held each year to see who can solve it the fastest. There have been many different kinds of cube from the normal 3x3x3 to 17x17x17, as well as many in different shapes like spheres, barrels, and crosses. This post will not include any of these variations, but other puzzles I think would challenge and delight any self respecting Rubik’s Cube fan.

Japanese Puzzle Box Fiendish

If you ask anyone who can solve a Rubik’s cube, you will find out that there are different moves that must be done to complete it.This puzzle box is the same. It has a series of 21 steps that must be followed to open it. These moves are obscure and subtle and would give anyone a challenge. Although the relatively high price, this quality item is definitely worth it. If you are interested you can buy it on ebay here.

Japanese Puzzle Box Fiendish
Japanese Puzzle Box Fiendish

Gordian’s Knot

The reason I feel this puzzle would appeal to a Rubik’s fan is first the colour scheme, and secondly the skill needed to complete the puzzle. When someone completes a Rubik’s cube, they will immediately mess it up and start again. With this puzzle, once you have taken apart the knot, it takes skill to get it back again. So like a cube, if you have memorised a solution you can do it again and again and impress your friends. If you would like to buy one you can find it on Amazon here.

Gordian's Knot Toy
Gordian’s Knot Toy


The reason I chose Oskar’s Cube was because of its cube shape and puzzle idea. With the Rubik’s Cube you must work on each side separately, but also as a whole cube. This puzzle is similar, the rods sticking out of the middle must be directed along the maze on each side, but moved along the maze on the other sides too. It takes patience and skill to get from the square to the circle and back again. Unfortunately, it is out of stock at the moment, but keep checking the website as it is certainly worth buying here.

Oskar's Maze
Oskar’s Maze