Tintin easter eggs

Tintin is often seen as one of the best series of stories. While Herge is often seen as a visionary, political commentator, and genius. So I am not surprised he managed to sneak in some Easter eggs into the series of books.

All the notable easter eggs are from three books: King Ottokar’s Sceptre, The Calculus Affair, and Tintin and the Picaros.

The Easter eggs from King Ottokar’s Sceptre and The Calculus Affair are sneaky cameos of Herge himself.

herge king ottakar's sceptre cameo Tintin

In this scene Herge is the chap in the green on the left.

herge king ottakar's sceptre cameo Tintin easter eggs

You can see him again in the crowd, this time on the left.

herge cameo Tintin easter eggs calculus affair

Herge is still wearing green at the bottom right of this scene smoking a cigarette.

herge tintin easter eggs
The man himself.

Other than himself, Herge likes to pay homage to other famous characters too.

tintin easter eggs mickey mouse asterix

If you look closely at this scene from Tintin and the Picaros you should be able to see two very recognisable characters. Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse can be seen in the crowd. Herge also includes fellow European comic character, Asterix!

Tintin Easter Eggs Snoopy Picaros

Herge must also have a soft spot of Charles M. Schulz’s Peanuts comics, as he included Snoopy in the crowd.

Tintin Easter Eggs 2 Donald Duck PIcaros

Finally another Disney cameo. I am not sure if you can say Donald Duck is making a cameo as he fairly obvious! Oh Boy, Oh Boy!

These are just a few different Tintin easter eggs that I find interesting. I hope you enjoyed them. Look out for tomorrow’s post about the Easter Eggs in the recent Tintin animated film!


Wrong Trousers Easter Eggs

After looking through A Close Shave on Tuesday for easter eggs and enjoying it,  I thought I would do another post about all the easter eggs in the Wrong Trousers. Much like A Close Shave, I have watched this film so many times, but only after constantly pausing the film over and over again did I see all the hidden little details.

One thing that is pretty obvious is the use of items from a Grand Day Out in the Wrong Trousers. Throughout the film you can see the rocket from A Grand Day Out and nods to the film.

Wallace and Gromit Rocket 2
Gromit Loves Rockets!
Wallace and Gromit Wall Rockets
A Nod to a Grand Day Out
Wallace and Gromit Moon Cheese Shares SoarWallace and Gromit Moon Cheese Shares Soar
If only he had put his money in Moon Cheese!
Wrong Trousers Sled
Recognise the sled?

This sled appeared in a Grand Day Out in the basement. In A Grand Day Out, the sled had Rose Bud written on it as a link to the classic film Citizen Kane.

Wallace and Gromit Rosebud Sled
A Citizen Kane reference in A Grand Day Out

The film made after the Wrong Trousers, A Close Shave, featured a cast of sheep. The Wrong Trousers shows us what to expect from the next movie with many pictures of sheep cropping up.

Wallace and Gromit Sheep Picture 1
The first picture of a sheep on Wallace’s landing.
Wallace and Gromit Sheep Picture 2
The second picture of a sheep in Wallace’s bedroom.
Wallace and Gromit Sheep Picture 3
The third sheep picture found in Wallace’s front room.
Wallace and Gromit Sheep Picture 4
This sheep wouldn’t be out of place in Shaun the Sheep.

When watching the film, the one thing I wasn’t expecting was a postcard from Disneyland featuring Mickey Mouse.

Wallace and Gromit Mickey Mouse
The Mickey Mouse Character at Disneyland Postcard

As well the rocket and sled in Gromit’s room he also two over interesting things. The first is a Batman kite!

Wallace and Gromit Batman
Even Batman gets a reference!

The second is the bookshelf. Take a look at the books… Fish, Penguins, Lassie, Sheep, Stars, and Canines. Seems like a cast list for animals in the Wallace and Gromit films.

Wallace and Gromit Books
An interesting selection of books.

As Gromit looks at the adverts in the newsagent’s window, one advert stands out.

Wallace and Gromit Mr Shifty Advert
Mr Shifty
Shed Remover’s
(No Job Too Small)

The museum that Feather’s burgles also holds a few secrets. The first thing we can see is an exhibit with 5 different penguins like Feathers.

Wallace and Gromit Penguins
It seems like penguins were clever thousands of years ago too.

We now see another character from Creature Comforts, this time it is the lion. He is in the same pose in his exhibit as he is in Creature Comforts.

Wallace and Gromit Creature Comforts Lion
Space, not grass!

This Youtube link shows the Lion in Creature Comforts


The last interesting item found in the museum are the mummies and the sarcophagus of what looks like old relatives of Wallace and Gromit.

Wallace and Gromit Mummies
Distant Relatives?

 Two things in this film link it with Curse of the Were-Rabbit. The first is an advert for Snoozy Choc as Wallace walks up the museum building.

Wallace and Gromit Snoozy Choc
Snoozy Choc, The Sleepy-Time Drink

You are probably wondering why this is a link to the Were-Rabbit; let me tell you. One idea being banded about during the production of Were-Rabbit was Wallace would learn to play the banjo, and drive Gromit so mad he would put Sleepy Choc in his drink.

The second link to the Were-Rabbit is the Austin A35 van. When Gromit is in the cafe reading the paper, you can see a very familiar van. This is the same model of van, and may even be the same van, that Wallace and Gromit use as the Anti-Pesto van in the Curse of the Were-Rabbit.

Wallace and Gromit Austin A35
The same van?
anti pesto van
The Anti-Pesto Austin A35