Since I have been playing Minecraft since Beta 1.4 or something like that, I have come to know the game pretty well. So for this week’s suggestion Sunday I think I will suggest some games that people who play Minecraft will enjoy. This list won’t be full of Minecraft clones. but games I feel take some of the best features of Minecraft and run with it.

Minecraft Skins
Selection of Minecraft Characters

Little Alchemy

This takes the crafting side of Minecraft to a new level. You start with the 4 elements: fire, wind, earth ,and water. With these four elements you can make 550 items ranging from villages to tyrannosaurus-rex by combining two items together to create a new item. You simply drag and drop one item onto another to combine them together. You can only combine the two items at a time, but once you have created that item you can find it again in the menu to the right. An item that is underlined can’t be combined any more and is the most complete element it can be. Each item combination works logically for example water and lava go together to form obsidian much like in Minecraft. I think any fan of Minecraft will enjoy discovering what each item does and how to create new elements. You can play the game¬†here. Or if you need help this website will give you a random combination as a hint.

Little Alchemy
550 Items to Make


Aesthetically, this game is similar to Minecraft; the world is pixelated and has singe isometric blocks that build mountains and scenery. The main point of Gnomoria is to guide your gnomes to create different items that will help them build their world. You direct the gnomes to do different tasks like mining, woodwork, or defence. You have to build up your town using the different materials that you gnomes collect. You can also set up defences around your town to avoid a battle with goblins, by training your gnomes to fight in the army. The better your town is the more gnomes you will get join you. You can buy the game here. Rather than drone on, it would be better if you check out this video.

A Roof Over Your Gnome’s Heads

 Lego Worlds

Without much fanfare, Lego World launched earlier this year on Steam. It has been billed Lego Minecraft, but personally I think it goes further than that. While Minecraft has blocks, Lego Worlds has bricks. These bricks are exact representations of their real life counterparts and give much more variety in building compared to the standard blocks in Minecraft. Both games have interesting mobs; Minecraft has endermen, creepers, and silverfish and Lego Worlds has polar bears, eagles, and camels. Lego Worlds have vast expansive worlds to explore with many different biome much like Minecraft. The one thing I think Lego Worlds has beaten Minecraft on is the building. Lego is a building toy so creating it in a game gives people endless opportunities. To be able to build a great castle and then walk around it is fantastic for any fan of Lego. As much I love Minecraft I hope Lego Worlds does just as well, and I am sure with the popularity of Lego it will be successful. You can buy this game on Steam here.

Lego Worlds Mining Machine
Mining Machine
LEGO Worlds Mushroom Biome
Mushroom Biome