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In my lifetime I have seen a fair few funny answers on quiz show. Even though some are said just for fun, the best ones are one which people genuinely think are right. This list is of the top 10 British game show answers that had us all asking “What are they doing?” or “Surely they can’t be that stupid!”

5. Leaning Tower of Pisa (Wheel of Fortune)

Before Bradley Walsh was the nutty guy from the Chase. He used to host Wheel of Fortune. When the topic “landmark” came up the contestant managed to solve the phrase with just one letter. She got it right, and thus commenced Bradley giving us a clue to¬†how bonkers he really was.

4. Fastest Finger Fail (Who Wants to be a Millionaire?)

The gameshow to give away the most money, Who wants to be a Millionaire?, find its contestants by doing a question known as fastest finger first. The question was to put the traffic lights colours in order. No one got it right. Oops.

3. JR or JFK? (Pointless)

The object of Pointless is to get the lowest score. The most obvious answers get you the most points. Therefore on the round about Assassinations, the obvious answer to the clue shot by Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas would have been JFK. Not what the contestant thought.

2. German Skier (The Chase)

Bradley Walsh is known for his juvenile sense of humour. He is not very professional either. So this is a great combination when the questions writers bring up a question about a female German skier. Bradley absolutely loses it. I am pretty sure the Chase question masters deliberately bring up these sorts of question just to throw him.

1. Turkey? (Family Fortunes)

We all know how stressful it is to answer questions under pressure. So imagine standing on the podium of Family Fortunes on the Big Money round with all your family counting on you to perform and get them the jackpot. If you don’t know, the aim of Family Fortunes is to get the most popular answer. On the final round, up steps Bob Johnson and hilarity ensues. He has said since, while in the supposedly sound proof booth, he heard his partner say chicken. But even so…

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As you have probably gathered this is Game Show week. I am your host Blog Blowfish. This week’s rules are as follows:

Tuesday: Post will be a compilation of some of the funniest gameshow moments.

Wednesday: An interesting history behind money prizes and game show jackpots.

Thursday: Post about the differences between American and British game shows.

Friday: An article about some of the best game show hosts.

Saturday: As always is my day off!

Sunday: I will be reviewing some good and bad game show based board games.

We will also be having another Culture Clash this week is:

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