Lego Disney Minifigures

An image was leaked the other day of a new set of collectable Lego minifigures. They are all based around Disney characters. It is common knowledge that Disney has had a link with Lego for years. So this new series makes perfect sense. I will go through the characters and discuss some others that I think we will see in future series.

Lego Disney Minifigures

The characters in the first series are:

Mickey Mouse

Minnie Mouse

Donald Duck

Daisy Duck

Peter Pan

Captain Hook












Cheshire Cat

I would say this is a great start to a series. We haven’t got all the famous characters out, so they have something to bring out in future lots. I also find it great to see some Pixar characters. I have not seen a single classic Disney film like Aladdin, Snow White, or The Little Mermaid, but I am a massive fan of everything Pixar. If I were to collect these I would probably try and “feel out” the Pixar characters and probably Mickey and Donald, while leaving all the other characters. I was a fan of some of the old Disney cartoons like Recess and Fillmore, so if they decided to bring out some figures from that I would also be interested. I know Stitch is probably a more popular character than those from Recess and certainly more popular than Fillmore, but you can’t blame a guy for dreaming. Who wouldn’t want a minifigure of TJ, Spinelli, Gretchen, Gus, Vince, or Mikey?

recess lego disney minifigures


This image above has circulated a few sites recently. This is supposedly some of the figures we can expect from the new series. Some of them seem plausible as we have seven of the characters confirmed. The look slightly different in the real pictures, but the representation is pretty spot on. I don’t buy this image though. Six figures representing Kim Possible? I don’t think so. A Barbie and Ken figure? Unless Hasbro has done a licensing deal with Lego this is never going to happen. That is why I question the validity of the picture. You can believe, but unless most of the figures get made I won’t be.

In the confirmed image, the different properties featured are varied. We have the classic Disney characters like Mickey and Donald, the old cartoon characters, as well as the modern 3D characters. With some of the characters you can almost guess some other characters that will appear.

As we have Buzz and the Alien we can only assume we will have Woody too, maybe even Jessie. I can’t see them being the same as they appeared in the sets a few years ago. The alien still looks the same, but Buzz has lost his special moulded head and has a normal head with a decal. This is why I think Woody and Jessie would also have a normal head and probably have normal length legs too.

toy story lego disney minifigures

The inclusion of Dash and Syndrome can only mean Helen, Bob, and Violet are to come? I would like to think so. Why would Lego put in the two characters if they didn’t plan on adding the other three characters? I wouldn’t say Syndrome and Dash are the most popular characters. If they do make a figure of the rest of the family I will find it interesting to see how they make the figures portray their special powers. Will Helen and Violet be taller? Will Bob be a bigger figure?

incredibles lego disney minifigures

With it being the first series, it is obvious why they included the favourites of Donald, Mickey, and Minnie. These three characters are Disney personified and are the faces of the company. Putting these main characters in the first series is a good start and hopefully get people in the series. I am slightly bemused by the inclusion of Daisy though. Unless Daisy is more popular in the US than in the UK, I can’t see she has the same kind of pulling power as the other three, but maybe she is there as the “girlfriend” of Donald, like Mickey and Minnie.  These four main characters are good for a start, and it also leaves room for another lot of characters to be the linchpin of the other series. I would like to see Goofy and Pluto in the next series. Characters like Oswald the Unlucky Rabbit, Chip and Dale, and Scrooge McDuck will be some other well-known Disney characters that could be included.

The rest of the characters hint at some more characters we could be seeing. No Lilo with Stitch? No Tinkerbell with Peter Pan? We should be seeing the rest of the characters from the films represented. We will probably see all the Disney Princess represented in future series. I can see Tinkerbell, Lilo, Mad Hatter, Jasmine, and Snow White being made later on to fit in with the characters already here.

This leaves me to question what characters I think they should do. I think having a couple of Princesses in each series will really draw people in. Lego have already made the princesses in the Friends style. I also think a good spread of Pixar characters will see them right. They will probably continue with characters from old films too, like Dumbo, Pinocchio, and Winnie the Pooh.

Now onto the characters that I want to see.

As I have mentioned I would love to see some Recess characters. If they have done Lilo and Stitch they obviously don’t mind taking characters from Disney Toons.

I love the Pixar films so including a few main characters from every film would be great. I don’t think they will try to do any Cars or Finding Nemo characters, but I think they could mould some heads for Bugs Life, Monsters Inc, and Ratatouille characters.  If they could pull off some great likenesses of these characters I will be more than happy.

Now I like Pixar, but I also like some of the original Disney 3D films. Some figures representing this side of Disney would also be cool. I would love to see some Chicken Little, Wreck It Ralph, and Big Hero Six characters.

big hero six lego disney minifigures
What they could look like.

I love Phineas and Ferb too. So some figures of them would be nice. I do know Lego planned to use the two in a Lego game before so you never know!

lego phineas and ferb disney minifigures
Lego Phineas and Ferb Board Game

This has also got me thinking. Will Disney be taking any characters from Live action properties? Will we be seeing High School Musical, Suite Life, or National Treasure characters? I doubt it. What about Muppets?

muppets lego disney minifigures

I am excited about this development, and will certainly be buying some of the bags. I hope they include some great characters and both sides, Lego and Disney, do well enough from it that they carry it on until almost every Disney character has been done!




game show board games feature

I like board game and I like game shows. But it is often very hard to put the pair together. Often these game show board games are seen as cash ins on the popular show. For this reason most aren’t very good. Yet, a few do get through and  surprise us.

The Good:

QI Board Game

I have never really watched QI, but I do know the format. The board game stays true to the format. You must answer a question from a booklet, and try to answer it correctly and not falling into the trap of the obvious but wrong answer. You then get points for your answers; if you were right you move forward, but if you were wrong and gave the obvious answer and are called out you go back so many spaces. The winner is the person to get to end of the board.

The thing I like about the game is the sheer amount of questions. There is just over 2500 question contained in 4 booklets. The thing I really like is the way the questions are picked. Rather than just picking out the card and reading the question, the play whose round it is rolls the dice. The colour booklet corresponds with the place you are on the board, while the dice tell you the number of the question from 1-666. I like the way this works as you feel the questions are incredibly random, and not just what the question master picks out of the card stack.

The board game certainly resonates with the programme, so I think any QI fan would enjoy it, once they figure out all the complicated rules.

qi board game game show board games Q I

Countdown Board Game

It is a very simple format, but Countdown has longevity. The show consists of 3 different rounds each designed to test your spelling, maths, and logic. I am sure you know the format by now. You start with a letters round where different letters are put up on a board and the player must make the longest word out of the those letters. The next kind of round involves numbers. The player must make a 3 digit number by adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing the 5 numbers they are give. The closest player to the total wins. The last round is the Countdown conundrum, where a nine letter anagram and a clue are given to the players. The first one to correctly guess the anagram wins.

The game is very similar to the show. It gives so much playability that you could play it forever, provided you leave out the conundrums. This is because all the letters and numbers are on separate cards and can be shuffled to give randomness.  The number who have to make in the maths round are chosen by a 8 sided dice. A fan of the show will undoubtedly enjoy it, and should get years of fun out of it.

countdown board game game show

The Bad:

Pointless Board Game

The point of Pointless is to get the most pointless answer. Got it? Good. Each player has to try and guess the answer which no one else has given. The show has different rounds with different styles of question. Some rounds just ask a straight out question, others give you ones to choose, and the head-to-head ones gives you fewer options. These different rounds are represented in the cards with the questions in the game.

As much as I like the programme, the game just doesn’t live up to it. As soon as you have used up the cards it seems like you can’t play again as most people would know the good answers. It also kicks out the players who lose the round, until the final round to have a stab at winning. It is a good game to play, but won’t be fun forever.

pointless board game game show

The Chase Board Game

The Chase board game has similar problems to the Pointless board game. The format is good fun, yet you still have the same problem with the cards. You only have so many questions until you know the answers to them all. I have heard someone say that they have only played a few times and already got through 25% of the questions. If you are beaten by the Chaser you have to sit out again too.

Not many people would like the fact they if they lose to their “chaser” they are out of the game, especially if they were the first contestant. The Chase is a fun concept, and being able to play against your smartest family member is also good fun.

the chase board game game show

The Ugly:

The Crystal Maze Board Game

It must have seemed like a good idea to make a Crystal Maze board game, but in reality it wasn’t. The show is based around four different zones each with varying mini games. The board game aims to provide the same kind of fun mini games as seen in the programme. Unfortunately, the components are so hard to use, and the game so fiddly, it is very hard to actually play the game. I once had a copy and struggled to play it and thus never played it again. It may well have been better than I remember, but I remember a very clunky and poorly made board game.

crystal maze board game game show

British vs American Game Shows

It is no secret that many British game show formats make it across the pond to be revved up by the Americans. But then again us Brits get some American shows come over here. In this post I hope to provide a some details about the differences as the shows moved across the Atlantic.

The Chase

British vs American Game Shows

A game show where contestants must go up against some of the best quizzers in the country and avoid being caught. The British version started in 2009 and has since had some of the best ratings for daytime TV. It even won an National Television Award recently for daytime programmes. The American Chase first aired in 2013. The Uk version is hosted by Bradley Walsh with 5 different chasers, while the US version is hosted by Brooke Burns with only one chaser, who is Mark Labbett from the UK show.

In my opinion Bradley Walsh is a far superior host, mainly because he is absolutely hilarious. Brooke is good and her chat with Mark is often interesting. The fact that the Uk version has 5 different chasers the variety makes it more appealing. The US show has a lot more drama. Everything is built up with tense music. The format is also slightly different with each question in the cash builder worth $5000, and there are only three contestants instead of 4.




The Weakest Link

British vs American Game Shows

The Weakest Link is a very simple show in premise. The contestant must answer questions correctly to accumulate cash in the bank, and then vote out who they feel is the worst player. The added spice of the host makes it much harder. Anne Robinson was the host of the UK version as well as the American version. The formats were exactly the same, apart from the last round where in the US version they would not do a cash builder with the final two contestants, and rather go straight to the head-to-head. Anne was the best presenter, so when the the US version changed hosts from Anne to George Gray only after a year, the show wasn’t quite the same. Even though both shows had a live studio audience, the US audience always seemed to find things funnier and cheer much more than the reserved British guests.

There is no denying Anne made the show. Her quick quips and insults became a regular feature of the show with people tuning in just to see her slam into a poor, unwitting contestant.




The Price is Right

British vs American Game Shows

In 1956, the original Price is Right game show appeared on US television. It was a show based all around the price of items. The show had various “mini games” each with the price of items at the forefront. The US version is still around today with new episodes still being aired. The British version, however, started much later. 1984 was the year for the Brits. The formats were very similar from across the pond. The American version had Bob Barker at the helm until he was replaced in 2007, while the Brits have had 4 different hosts. The most memorable being Bruce Forsythe. The Bruce era and thereafter is the most reminiscent of the US show. The UK Price is Right did try and stage a comeback, but failed to get the viewers, and ended in 2007.

Bruce played to the audience and was a real crowd favourite. He was a seasoned presenter and knew exactly how to get the best out of contestants. Bob is very similar in the US version. The Us version also contains a lot more advertising.



What shows do you prefer? The funny and humourous British ones, or the dramatic and tense American ones?





brave and frozen feature inspired?

In 2012, Pixar’s Brave flashed on the big screen for the first time. A year-and-a-half later, Disney unveiled Frozen to audiences all around the world. Brave takes place in medieval Scotland while Frozen seems to take place in mid-1800s Norway. The stories happen in two completely dissimilar locations. However, looking beyond these differences reveals two remarkably similar fairy tales–which begs the question:

Did Brave Inspire Frozen?

Notice the similarities between the two films:

Each tale begins with the main characters as children.

  • Merida is gifted her first bow and arrow as a child and practices archery for the first time. The scene shows little Merida laughing and playing with her mother (the queen), indicating that they had a close relationship at this time.
  • Elsa, casting ice and snow from her hands, turns the inside of the castle into a winter wonderland for her and her sister, Anna to play. Together, they built a snowman and turned the place into an ice skating rink.  This would be one of the last times Elsa was allowed to play with Anna.
frozen brave children Merida Elsa as Children
Merida and Elsa as Children

Both films events begin with a family dispute, caused by a main character’s special ability.

  • Brave’s redheaded protagonist, Merida avoided betrothal by handily beating her suitors in her favorite sport: archery. Merida’s actions strained–and nearly broke–her relationship with her mother (the queen). Her mother did not believe that a princess like Merida should be practicing archery. Archery, after all, is un-ladylike.
  • In Frozen, princess Elsa possesses the ability to cast ice and snow out of thin air. She accidentally used this ability on her sister, Anna. Her parents (the king and the queen) reacted by splitting her off from the family and confining her to her room. Elsa spent the rest of her childhood separated from Anna.
frozen brave powers Merida archery Elsa ice Queen
The Two Protagonists Practicing their Respective Powers

One of the main characters is affected by a spell.

  • Merida got more than she bargained for when she asked for a spell to “change” her mom. The spell changed her mom into a bear, which Merida did not expect.
  • The spell that Elsa accidentally cast slowly froze Anna from the inside out.
frozen and brave effects of powers Merida and Elsa
The Sad Effects of their Powers

In an attempt to cure the spell, the main characters journey into the woods:

  • Merida visits the same house where she initially bought the spell. She finds that the witch who sold it to her is on vacation. The witch left a holographic message (powered by a spell in a simmering cauldron) revealing that the clock is ticking on the spell. Merida has until the “second sunrise” to cure it. Otherwise, her mother will be a bear forever.
  • Kristoff, Olaf, Anna and Sven journey into the snowy woods until they find the trolls that raised Kristoff (and cured Anna the first time) The gang consults with the elder troll, who reveals that if the spell isn’t cured soon, Anna will freeze forever.
brave and frozen woods and forests
The Woods and Forests

Both spells are cured by an act of true love–which mends a tattered relationship.

  • Merida mends her mother’s tapestry (she sliced it with a sword in the beginning). After this didn’t cure the spell by itself, Merida broke down, cried and began hugging the giant bear her mom turned into. Through tears of pain, she confessed that she loved her, she wished she’d listened to her and that she needed her back. This breaks the spell, reuniting the duo. Weathering the struggles of the spell strengthened Merida’s relationship with her mother and brought them closer together than ever before.
  • Anna–seconds away from freezing to death–sees Hans (evil guy) with his sword raised into the air with Elsa on the ground. Just as he plunges his sword downward, Anna jumps in front to take the blow. Just before the sword hits her hand, she freezes solid. The sword shatters as it smashes into her hand. Elsa is ecstatic to see her sister, but is soon realizes that she’s solid as ice. Devastated, she clings onto her frozen sister, sobbing. Unexpectedly, Anna begins to thaw–until the color returns to her face and she’s back to normal. The spell is cured! The pain of losing Anna followed by the joy of getting her back strengthened Elsa’s relationship with her sister and brought them closer together than ever before.
frozen brave kiss acts of true love Merida and her Mom Anna and Elsa
The Acts of True Love

Observing these similarities and noting that Brave was released a full year-and-a-half before Frozen, do you believe that Brave inspired Frozen? Or are all these similarities merely convenient coincidences?


This post was written by Andy Carr. You can contact Andy via his email Thanks Andy.

As you have probably realised I haven’t been posting much since Christmas and New Year. This is for good reason! I have been concocting a new format for Blog Blowfish. The format will goes as follows:

Every week from Feb 1st onwards will be centered around a particular theme. The theme may be about gaming, films, tv, or anything else I want to talk about. Each week will consist of between 3 to five posts on that topic from Monday to Friday. Saturday will be my day off and Sunday will be the day I do my Sunday Suggestions. Sunday Suggestions will be slightly different with me reviewing items. I will review anything and everything.

Each week I shall create a short teaser trailer based on the theme and put it on the Youtube channel. I will also create a custom Blog Blowfish for each theme. Each week will also have an ongoing poll named Culture Clash. So if the theme of that week was something like Presenters the culture clash would be between Ant vs Dec. You would then get the chance to vote for your favourite.

The most important thing is that you can get involved. If you have anything you can add to a theme please don’t hesitate to comment or drop me a line at An interview or quote on any topic will really help. The list of themes until the end of the year are below. Don’t forget to drop me a line.

Week # and Theme From To
Week 05 – Pixar Week February 1, 2016 February 7, 2016
Week 06 – Game Shows February 8, 2016 February 14, 2016
Week 07 – Rants February 15, 2016 February 21, 2016
Week 08 – Tintin February 22, 2016 February 28, 2016
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Week 13 – Apple Week March 28, 2016 April 3, 2016
Week 14 – Jigsaws April 4, 2016 April 10, 2016
Week 15 – Comics in the 21st Century April 11, 2016 April 17, 2016
Week 16 – Only Fools and Horses April 18, 2016 April 24, 2016
Week 17 – April 25, 2016 May 1, 2016
Week 18 – Facts, Facts, Facts May 2, 2016 May 8, 2016
Week 19 – Video Game Movies May 9, 2016 May 15, 2016
Week 20 – Twitter May 16, 2016 May 22, 2016
Week 21 – HD TV May 23, 2016 May 29, 2016
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Week 25 – Nintendo NX? June 20, 2016 June 26, 2016
Week 26 – Jokes June 27, 2016 July 3, 2016
Week 27 – Finding Dory July 4, 2016 July 10, 2016
Week 28 – Epic Mafia July 11, 2016 July 17, 2016
Week 29 – My Favourite Films July 18, 2016 July 24, 2016
Week 30 – World Cup Fever July 25, 2016 July 31, 2016
Week 31 – Aardman Shorts August 1, 2016 August 7, 2016
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Week 37 – Apps September 12, 2016 September 18, 2016
Week 38 – The Phoenix September 19, 2016 September 25, 2016
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Week 40 – Illustrator October 3, 2016 October 9, 2016
Week 41 – Guest Posts October 10, 2016 October 16, 2016
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Week 43 – Professor Layton October 24, 2016 October 30, 2016
Week 44 – VHS Week October 31, 2016 November 6, 2016
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Week 47 – Pranks!!! November 21, 2016 November 27, 2016
Week 48 – The Dandy November 28, 2016 December 4, 2016
Week 49 – Best Of 1 December 5, 2016 December 11, 2016
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Week 51 – Best Of 3 December 19, 2016 December 25, 2016
Week 52 – Best of 4 December 26, 2016 January 1, 2017

You can find this schedule on the aptly named Schedule page.

Early Man

Nick Park’s new film Early Man Release Dates have been announced. So get your diaries out and write down the dates:

UK: January 26 2018

France: January 31 2018

Germany: March 29 2018

Australia/NZ: March 29 2018

Its only about two years away; it is nice that the UK gets it first. I am looking forward to this film as I am sure you are too. Thanks to ScreenDaily for the info from their site. Remember, any news about this film will be here first!

We already have one still from the film which also serves as its first easter egg.

early man nick park easter egg release dates
The first and hopefully not the last.
Blog Blowfish Youtube

Hey All. As you can probably guess from the title, I have created a Blog Blowfish youtube channel. At the moment I will be posting videos containing all the easter eggs from Aardman films, as they seem to be some of my most popular posts. If you could head on over there and subscribe and like the only video at the moment that would really help.

My youtube channel is at:


antiques business tv shows misconceptions about the antiques business

After watching hundreds of television shows like Bargain Hunt, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, and Antiques Road Trip, I assumed I knew all about the antiques and collectables business before I got into it around 6 months ago. Let me tell you however, these programmes are quite misleading. In this post I will point out some things that are commonly thought of about the trade, compared to what really happens in the antiques business.

Negotiations and Large Discounts

In the popular telly shows you often see the presenters and contestants negotiating the best prices on items. They would see an item they liked and badger the poor owner down until they more or less gave it to them. The seller may start at £50 and eventually go down as far as £15 just to get rid of the people. These negotiations are often drawn out and bounce back and forth between the buyer and seller.

Within the Antiques business, sellers will often give deals to others in the trade, especially if they know the person and what they sell.  Most of the time, however, sellers will only give buyers 10% maximum discount on most items. The only way of really getting a good discount is if you know the seller well, you regularly buy off them, or you are buying a lot of their items at once. Negotiations never go like they are on T.V. Often a seller will say their price, to which the buyer will agree or disagree, and ask for their best price. Sometimes it is possible to squeeze out a little bit more from the price, but it rarely happens. The negotiations are never really like Bargain Hunt’s style of back and forth until you hit the right price. Remember the people on these programmes are aiming to win, so they are willing to really annoy the seller for that extra pound or two off. Also remember, the sellers are more than happy to “give” some of their items away for the free advertising on primetime BBC. If they don’t sell an item on their stall or in their shop, they won’t be featured on television.

Bargain Hunt Negotiation Misconceptions About the Antiques Business
A Bargain Hunt Negotiation


Bargain Hunt in particular, often like to portray an auction as the best places to sell them. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Auctions are good to sell at if you have a high end item and use a posh auction house that sells to private buyers. If you go to the average auction you will find it teeming with dealers who are trying to get the items as cheap as possible to sell on for a profit. This is the problem with most auctions; people buy  items cheaply from auctions to sell on in their own shops, stalls, or online, not the opposite. People should not buy from a shop to sell at auction unless you want to make a loss, or the item you have was underpriced by the shop. Although most auction houses on T.V. won’t go any lower than around a fiver, most lower-class auctions will go down as low as £1. This is a great place to pick up bargains, but not a great place to sell. You are much better off buying from auction, than selling at one. Bargain Hunt chooses to sell the items at auction for a few reasons:

    • Buying from a shop and selling at an auction is far quicker than buying from an auction and selling at a shop. Remember time is money.
    • BBC get better deals from auctions because they advertise them when they attend.
    • An auction is more exciting to watch.
    • Bidders might just bid on items to get on T.V.


Another thing Bargain Hunt doesn’t show (although others will) is the amount of commission each auction house charges. Commission is the percentage of the price that the auction takes to make money. Most auctions offer commissions from around 10% (if you are really lucky) to 20%. They take this commission from the sale price of the item. The buyer will have to pay commission on the item, but the seller will also pay commission too. So on some items the auction house gains back just under half the hammer price, plus the 15% V.A.T. charged on the commission. If Bargain Hunt decided to take the commission into consideration people would be even less likely to make profits. It is also harder for those at home to play along at home and tally up. Antiques Road Trip, Flog It!, and Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, do include the commission in their profits.

Most comedy sketches or comics set in auctions portray an auction as though any kind of movement will result in a bid. Although funny, it is incredibly hard to register a bid without knowing it. The auctioneers are professionals, and know a legitimate bid or not. A sneeze, a cough, or a wink, will not catch the auctioneers eye. They only way you can really bid is by raising your hand and making yourself known to the auctioneer. Once they get the first few bids, auctioneers will usually just concentrate on the bidders left in. If you are one of these bidders left in a nod will suffice to let the auctioneer know you want to bid again. It is sometimes hard to get the attention of the auctioneer even if you do raise your hand. In these situations it is okay to shout at the auctioneer to get his attention. If you are thinking about going to auctions and are worried about the etiquette, don’t be. You will never unknowingly buy an item and be surprised at the end.

Auction Bid Misconceptions About the Antiques Business
Pretty Much What You Need to do to Bid (maybe a little less enthusiastic)


On T.V. antique shows, especially Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is and Antiques Road Trip , every deal is sealed with a handshake. The shows even go as far to say a deal isn’t a deal until you have shook on it. In the Antiques business it is common to give a handshake to those you meet, like every other civilised person. But rarely will you ever shake on a deal. A handshake does not mean anything much to a buyer or seller. A buyer could still sell to someone else, and the seller not buy the item even after a handshake. Often most people would honour the sale, but a handshake (if you even get one) does not guarantee anything. In the 6 months or so in the antiques business I can’t remember buying something off someone and giving them a handshake.

handshake Misconceptions About the Antiques Business


In today’s online world it is very easy to look up the prices of things. This can be very helpful, but it also can give people over the top estimates. There are some names on items that people immediately think are super valuable, but are often able to be bought cheaply; brands like Clarice Cliff, Steiff, and Wedgwood to name but a few. Programmes like Bargain Hunt have made these items household names.

If someone isn’t sure of the price of the item the first place they look is Ebay. Ebay is an invaluable tool for searching the average price of an item and gaining a rough idea of its value, rarity, and popularity. Most people will just type the name of the item into Ebay and just see the items currently for sale. Most likely, you will see a Buy It Now price. This price is not a good representation of the actual price of the item. Those on Ebay who put up a Buy It Now price try to get the most the item is worth often over estimating the value. You will rarely get a bargain from a Buy It Now listing. The thing is most people who say “My item is worth £40 online” have just seen a Buy It Now price, and not the countless other listings of that item that have failed to sell for over a fiver. So remember if someone tells you that their item is worth £60 online and they are giving you a deal at £50 they have probably checked the Ebay Buy It Now price. The best way to find the price of an item on Ebay is by selecting the Complete Listings settings and change the order of the items from Price: Lowest to Highest. This will show you the prices the item has gone for and the items that have sold at all. Green means it sold for that price and red means it didn’t sell. This should give you the most accurate valuation of the item you have.

Ebay Completed Listings Misconceptions About the Antiques Business
Click Completed Listings
Ebay Price Lowest to Highest Misconceptions About the Antiques Business
Click Price Lowest to Highest




Bare in mind these are just a few things I have noticed during the months I have been in the business. You may have had different experiences if you have been in the business longer than me. I may well have different experiences the longer I am in the trade. I hope this post has cleared up some of your questions about the antiques business and shown you that these so called “antique” programmes are not what they seem and tend to play up the trade for the television.


Since my last post detailing some of the new skins based around political figures, they have brought out a premium range of agario skins that can be bought with the new in-game currency. have released a new experience system that allows good players to level up. With each level you gain coins, and these coins are used to buy the premium agario skins. Some of these skins are fairly cheap and available to be purchased only after levelling up a few times. Other skins, however, force the player to be one of the best in the world, or pay for the coins using “real life” currencies.

There are some particularly good, while others are just “meh.” Below are all the premium agario skins:

Agario Skins Agario Skins Agario Skins Agario Skins Agario Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins Skins

If you haven’t played agario yet play it on the official website.