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Thank you for joining us for Back to the Future week, I have personally really enjoyed the week of festivities, and I hope you did too. This will be the last post of the week. Today, I will suggest some time travel films that I  enjoy as a massive fan of BTTF.

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

This film follows two teenagers, Bill and Ted, who have to hand in a history paper for their school. Unfortunately, they are completely stupid and can’t think of anything other than playing their guitars and becoming rock stars. They do become massive rock stars and actually rule supreme over the world in the future, but it wouldn’t have happened unless they passed their history paper. So a guide is sent from the future to make sure that they pass. He comes in a phonebox time machine, and takes Bill and Ted to the past to find famous historical characters to help them with the paper. Thus ensues funny situations between Bill, Ted, and their famous friends. If you enjoy BTTF 3 with its historical setting, you should enjoy Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure with the many different time periods they travel back to.

Bill-and-TEd Time Travel Movies Back to the Future
Bill and Ted – Be Excellent To Each Other

Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day is a film that shows Phil Connors, a local weatherman, get stuck in the same day over and over again. He is meant to be reporting about the weather-predicting Groundhog, Punxsutawny Phil, but when the day is over he has to live it over and over again. He then gets to know exactly what happens each day putting him into some funny situations. With the seemingly endless days stuck in the same day, Phil gets bored and upset and tries to get out of his cycle through many different ways. It isn’t until he acts selflessly when he finally gets himself out of the time loop.

groundhog_day Back to the Future Time Travel Movies
Hey Phil!

Minute Men

Even though a bit cheesy as it was made by Disney, Minute Men is a film about high school kids who build a time machine and decide to use it for the good of their class mates. The film starts with the main characters Virgil, Derek, and Stephanie starting high school by trying out for various clubs. Virgil opts for American football, but ends up being embarrassed by another new kids named Charlie who turns up to the try-outs on a rocket powered car. Virgil and Charlie are both humiliated by being hung on the school’s statue of their Ram mascot, thus being branded as outcasts for the rest of their schooling, while Virgil’s friends, Derek and Stephanie become popular. Virgil and Charlie end up becoming friends, and stick with each other. Charlie one days tells Virgil he has created a time machine, but didn’t have the expertise to build it. They both had to recruit another outsider, Zeke, to help them build the machine. Once it is finished they use it to go back in time to help other “nerds” when they had problems. Unfortunately, they use the machine too much and cause a black hole…

Minute Men Back to the Future Time Travel Films
Run it back again!

I hope you like these picks, as these are some of my favourite films of all time. You may be able to tell I really love time travel films. Thanks for sticking with Blog Blowfish for Back to the Future week. We will continue to put some great content out over the next few weeks including some more Aardman easter eggs, finishing the history of comics series, and starting a new series about valuable collectables. So remember where we are going we don’t need roads.

CGI Back to the Future

Sadly, Back to the Future week is almost over. I hope to round it off nicely with some polls today to find out your favourite things about Back to the Future, and tomorrow I will discuss some other good time travel movies.


Hello fishy friends! I am Elsie from Nitryl Blog, and I am the sister of Blogblowfish’s editor. I am a fashion fanatic and will be writing today about the superbly garish fashion from the 1980’s to celebrate Back to the Future week! If you like my content you can find my blog here or contact me on Twitter or Facebook.

nitryl blog logo
Check me out!

From leotards to legwarmers, the 1980’s are known by many as “the decade that fashion forgot”. Thanks to the likes of Madonna, nothing was worn in small measures and anything that lacked clashing patterns and shoulder pads wasn’t worth the wearing. As you probably know by now, it is Back to the Future week, and today I am going to discuss the best and the worst fashion from the film, and whether their estimations of 2015 fashion were accurate.

Marty McFly, the uber-cool skater and guitarist, wears the same outfit throughout most of the first and second film. The burnt orange gilet and the denim jacket combo screamed 80’s, and similar pieces have become synonymous with the movie.  Paired with faded ‘wrangler’ style jeans and the now fashionable white sneakers, this outfit was considerably standard for such a extravagant decade. However, Marty didn’t always wear such a laid back outfit choice.

Marty McFly in Back To The Future

In the future scenes of the film, he is wearing a much more exaggerated version the the previous outfit. A rubber-looking jacket (that I’m sure Will.I.Am has been seen in) and a holographic cap were added, and of course, the infamous self-tying Nike’s. The way the producers and stylists of Back to the Future predicted some of the fashion had some truth in it, but also a lot that have thankfully not come into the place. The holographic snapback can be bought from many online retailers. Whether or not this was an accurate guess or whether it was created purely to replicate that of the movie, I don’t know, but either way, they are being worn!

future marty mcfly back to the future fashion

That being said, I am going to discuss the rest of the estimations throughout the film, and whether or not they have been correct. If I were to try and imagine what people will be wearing in 30 years, I really would be stuck. It is very difficult to comprehend what trends and fashions will take place. When we think of the future, we do naturally think of robots, PVC, and gimmicks, which must have been what the style team at Back to the Future were also thinking.

In Back to the Future 2, these two kids are seen. This estimation of 2015 kids fashion could not be further from the truth. The bright, printed and even sparkly tops are clothes most children wouldn’t be seen dead in, and as for the hats that’s another story. I assume they were going for the space-inspired look, but this glorified colander hasn’t, and I doubt ever will, catch on. The plastic sun-visor is a slightly more realistic headgear option, but unless you’re playing golf in space, I don’t think it will ever become a trend.Back to the Future Fashion Kids

This dress seen is probably one of the most accurate creations of them all. Bodycon dresses have been a popular dress style loved by women (and their male partners) for years. So much so, you could not walk into a high-street fashion retailer without finding one on the racks!

This dress is a wholesale item sold in many shops, has been extremely popular in the recent months. And although it is inversed and is lacking the sleeve hoops, they are definitely similar. In a few years, who knows, those 3D appliqués may be ‘in’.Back To The Future woman fashion


Last but not least, there is Doc. This yellow satin number could not have been left out of this post. Yet again, this isn’t that preposterous at all, and in fact for some, quite wearable. Although not a style choice for all, the individual items could be bought and more than that, worn. However, not so typically by a man.

That’s right! This gold satin shirt with overwhelming similarities to the one Doc wore in the movie can actually be bought off Asos. And although it has not got the length, there is no ignoring that almost royal gold.Doc Back to the Future FashionSatin

In conclusion, despite the crazy colours and materials seen at face value in the movie, when inspected more closely, I think they didn’t do a too bad job at predicting fashion in 2015. Whether worn individually or just as a costume, there is no doubt that these peculiar fashion choices are around and for sale. Having said that, I believe it will be a while until we will be wearing kitchen utensils as hats, what do ya think Doc?

Air Mags Back to the Future

I hope you all enjoyed Back to the Future Day yesterday, I certainly did. Yesterday a very special announcement was released concerning the shoes that Marty wears in the second film.

Air Mags Back to the Future
Marty’s Nike Mags

Nike are releasing replicas of Marty’s Mags that actually tie themselves up! This isn’t the first time Nike have released replicas of the shoes, but it is the first time with the tie up laces.

Nike Mag Back to the Future
Coming 2016

You will be able to buy yourself a pair at a 2016 auction in aid of the Michael J. Fox Foundation. We don’t know any details of the auction apart from the fact it is taking place in Spring 2016. You can find a page about this here.

To celebrate BTTF Day, Nike dropped off a pair of their new trainers with “power laces” to their first client, Michael J. Fox.

If you can’t afford a pair of official trainers you can always buy a pair online for around £200.

mags Ebay Back to the Future
One shop supplying a cheaper alternative.

If you want to look like Marty you really need a pair of these, so it is nice to see the cool guys at Nike providing.

Fax Machines Back to the Future

Well let me first wish you a good Back to the Future day, we can officially say the future is now! To celebrate I have compiled a list of some of the predictions made about today. I decided to write about it today just incase any of the predictions came true today *cough* Mattel *cough*.


If you read yesterday’s post, you will realise we are still a fair bit away from hoverboards like the film. Although not Marty’s board, the Lexus board seems the best so far. I do not doubt, however, we will see ones very similar to Marty’s come out in the near future.

Back to the Future hoverboard
BTTF’s Hoverboard

Fingerprint Identification

When we get a glimpse as Marty’s future home, we can see that fingerprint scanners are the new replacement for lock and key. This would make sense as everybody’s fingerprints are unique unlike some keys. Nowadays, in the real 2015, we do put our fingerprints to use, just not for locking our homes. Many phones and laptops now have fingerprint scanners to check that the real user gets into the device while intruders don’t.

Fingerprint Scanners Back to the Future
Fingerprint Scanner Door Lock

Fingerprint Scanner

Voice Activated Devices

Who would think 30 years ago we would all be commanding and shouting at our devices to make them work? I certainly wouldn’t have guessed. Today we all seem to find it normal to shout at machines expecting them to do what we want them to. In the film Marty’s family all use voice activated devices including a hydrator, retracting  grape shelf, and televisions.

Voice Activation Back to the Future
Lorraine Ordering Around Her Hydrator


Chip and Pin

In the film we see police officers asking someone to pay a parking fine. The driver then puts his card into a machine and then puts his finger on a panel to pay. Nowadays, in England anyway, we can just use a card to pay for items. All we have to do is tap our cards on a machine to pay. So we have actually gone one better than the film where instead of a two step system, we have a one step system.

Chip and Pin Back to the Future
Chip and Pin?


Fax Machines

I suppose in the 80’s fax was the future, but it definetly wasn’t. When Marty is fired his boss sends him faxes to his various machines. The funny thing is he had more than one fax machine; he had at least one in each room! Faxes are still used sometimes in business to quickly send files, but today no one has a personal fax machine or probably want one.

Fax Machines Back to the Future
Not really the future


In the Cafe 80’s we see monitors with celebrities, Ronald Reagan and Michael Jackson, talking to the customer about different items available. They are the 80s versions of themselves and are therefore 30 years old in the film. So we can only assume it is using CGI. Today we are able to use CGI to give people experiences of people dead or alive without them ever having to be there. A prime example of this was the holographic concert of Freddy Mercury at the London Olympic Closing Ceremony.

CGI Back to the Future
Try our Specials


Video Chat

Well done Steven Spielberg, you accurately predicted Skype! Marty is seen giving his pal Needles a conference call, all over a network similar to the net.

Video Chat Back to the Future
Just like Skype


Cubs Win World Series

I know nothing about baseball in American, but I think the Cubs are still able to win the World Series. So I can’t help thinking I should have put some money on the Cubbies.

Cubbies Back to the Future
Against Miami?

I hope you have enjoyed your post and enjoy your BTTF day!


Air Mags Back to the Future

Perhaps one of the most recognisable features of Back to the Future’s utopian view of 2015, has to be the hoverboards. In this post I hope to show you the history of the hoverboard, from its initial conception to its eventual production.

Although everyone assumes hoverboards were first created for Back to the Future, it may surprise you that one of the original concepts was conceived way back in the 1950s. This was named the Hiller VZ Pawnee, and rather than a board it was more of a floating platform. It was built for use by the American Army, but they didn’t really see its potential so only six were made, although they flew them successfully throughout the late 1950’s.

Hiller Aircraft Hoverboard Back to the Future
Hiller Aircraft Floating Platform

From what I can tell the first place we really saw something resembling a hoverboard was on the Jetsons. It seems logical for the first appearance of one to be on a cartoon set in the future. They appear to ride them like Griff and his gang as they hold a piece of string. We are never told that this gadget is a hoverboard, but it certainly acts like one.

Jetsons Hoverboard Back to the Future
The Jetson’s Hoverboard

After its first appearance on television, the hoverboard became a household name when Back to the Future II came out in 1989. The film shows a hoverboard used as a scooter until Marty rips of the handlebars and uses it as a  skateboard. The board takes an important role in the film getting Marty out of many scrapes. Since the film, the idea of a hoverboard has fascinated generations, so many different scientists and scientific organizations have been trying to recreate one for themselves. Unfortunately, they missed the deadline to create one working like it did in the film, but we do know they are still going to continue their work until a great one is on the market.

Back to the Future hoverboard
BTTF’s Hoverboard

In 2001 rumours went around telling people that a hoverboard was in production and soon to come out to market. This project was codenamed “Ginger” and was created by Dean Kamen. The project turned out to be the Segway which was a gyroscopic, two-wheeled form of transportation. Obviously it wasn’t anything like a hoverboard because a hoverboard doesn’t have wheels. So why people thought he was making a hoverboard, I’ll never know.

Back to the Future Hoverboard segway
Not really a hoverboard.

Between 2004 and 2005, two tv shows tried their hand at building their own hoverboards. These programmes were Mythbusters and the Gadget show. Both shows went about the project in pretty much the same way; neither bothered using different chemical reactions or magnets, but used leaf blowers and boards. At this time not even Jamie Hyneman or Jason Bradbury could create a hoverboard as they both ended as failures.

Gadget Show Jason Bradbury Hoverboard Back to the Future
Jason Bradbury’s Hoverboard
Jamie Hyneman mythbusters Back to the Future Hoverboard
The Mythbuster Hoverboard

It wasn’t until 2011 when some real institutions tried their hands at cracking it. This year the Université Paris Diderot in France showed off their “Mag Surf.” Their hoverboard could hover 3cm off the ground by using a superconductor and a magnetized floors. You can watch their demonstration video below.

There have been two high profile hoaxes too. A gentleman by the name of Greg Henderson launches a Kickstarter for his hoverboard in 2014. It turned out it was a massive pr stunt as he never really wanted to use the technology for hoverboards but for other products of his. He basically used it as advertising for his business. Another hoax appeared on YouTube called HUVr featuring Tony Hawk and Christopher Lloyd. It showed a hoverboard working just like it did in the movie. Unfortunately, it was a hoax created by the YouTube Channel, Funny or Die. They had used the same effects as the movies to give the authentic look.

After looking at all the different attempts at creating a hoverboard, Lexus have to be the best so far.  They use the same kind of science as the French guys but make it look a lot cooler. The video is just mind-blowing. It may seem that the board is going over concrete, but it isn’t it is going over a special metal surface. Nevertheless it is still amazing!

So lets hope Mattel have been working on it for 30 years and are ready to release their ultimate board tomorrow.


When Pepsi Co started in 1893 as Brad’s Drink, almost everyone has tasted the cola goodness of Pepsi. Over the years, Pepsi has become one of the best known brands in the world. One way Pepsi puts their brand out there is by putting it in movies. Pepsi has been featured in Home Alone, Wayne’s World, Fight Club, and World War Z, but the biggest film has to be Back to the Future Part II.

The thing that was different with this branding was that the film did not feature one of Pepsi’s products, but actually made them create a new one. The film is partly set in 2015, 30 years in the future, and Marty gets to see what life looks like in what is meant to be today. In the film, Marty goes to a 80s themed cafe and asks for a Pepsi; he then is surprised to see a bottle of Pepsi Perfect rise from the counter. We then see further branding and flashes of the bottle later on in the film.

Pepsi Perfect Close Up Back to the Future
Close Up View of the Bottle
pepsi perfect Back to the Future
Biff and Marty with Pepsi Perfect
pepsi Perfect logo Back to the Future
Pepsi Perfect Logo
Pepsi Perfect Rising from the Counter Back to the Future

Now it is 2015 and the date from the film draws near, Pepsi have actually released Pepsi Perfect and have already given some away to BTTF fans at Comic Con. This Wednesday, however, anybody can get their hands on one of 6,500 bottles available to buy online for $20.15. The bottle and branding is exactly what you can see in the movie, while the drink is just normal Pepsi.

Pepsi Perfect Ad Back to the Future
The Future is Now…
Pepsi Perfect Turn Around Clear Bottle Back to the Future
New Bottle Turn Around

Pepsi have gone the whole hog and even made a spoof television advert.

I love the fact that Pepsi have decided to bring Pepsi Perfect out just to please fans.


You're Fired Back to the Future Week Print Off Prop

If you are planning to celebrate Back to the Future day this Wednesday I have compiled some heavy crafts just for you. I have found some great things you can make to give your day an extra BTTF feel. I hope you like the ones I have selected. None of these are by me.

The first section will be some great paper craft. I have always really enjoyed paper craft; the ability to create a model of almost anything (provided you have enough printer ink) is really exciting. I have found some of the best Back to the Future paper crafts that you can make very cheaply.

Marty McFly and Doc Brown Paper Craft

These great paper crafts of Marty and Doc were created by Panko451 on deviantart using the pattern created by Cubeecraft. Click the images to take you to Panko’s page where you can print off these great models. If you don’t know how to make a Cubeecraft watch the video below for a tutorial.

Doc Brown Cubeecraft Back to the Future Week
Doc Brown Cubeecraft
Marty McFly Cubeecraft Back to the Future Week
Marty McFly Cubeecraft

The next paper crafts are the various vehicles featured in the three films.

The most popular probably being the DeLorean. This DeLorean model is a fairly complex one compared to the Cubeecraft, but if you are up for the challenge it is definitely worth making.

You can also build your very own time travel train from the 3rd film. You can find both of these models at All you have to do is download the parts and the instructions and any extras you would like.

delorean papercraft Back to the Future Week
DeLorean Papercraft
Back to the Future Week Train Paper Craft
Time Travel Train Paper Craft

The next paper craft is one created officially by Cubeecraft… the Hoverboard! It is so easy even I managed to make it. Heres mine:

Paper Craft Back to the Future Hoverboard
My Paper Craft Hoverboard

If you like this and you want to build it, you can find the instructions here.

The next paper craft is an invitation you could send to anyone for any occasion, but I would recommend using it if you have a BTTF party.

Back to the Future Week Invitation Card
Back to the Future Invitation Card

You will be able to create one of your own by heading over to the Instructables page.

The last piece of paper craft you can print off is the You’re Fired!!! prop from the 2nd movie. This one takes no effort, but can be printed off on any piece of paper and cut out.

You're Fired Back to the Future Week Print Off Prop
You’re Fired Print Off Prop

The next items are ones you can find on Instructables.

In the 2nd film, the Gray’s Sport Almanac is an important part of the plot; with tutorial you can make one for yourself!

Make Your Own Grays Alamanac Back to the Future Week
Make Yourself Rich with Gray’s Alamanac

This is a great guide on Intructables by NamedJohnny.

NamedJohnny also shows us all how to make a hoverboard on Intructables! Unfortunately it doesn’t work.

Make Your Own Hoverboard back to the Future
All made for less than $30

I hope you have enjoyed looking at some of the great projects you do. I am personally planning to do a couple of these. If you are chosing to do the easier projects or challenging yourself with the hard ones I hope you find them fun and encourage you to build your own items.


Being a massive fan of Back to the Future after the first time I saw the first film, I am looking forward to the 21st of October this year. The 21st is important because that is the day that Marty McFly travels to in the second BTTF film. So to celebrate this special day this Wednesday, I will be writing a post about BTTF each day for the week. Today, I will be posting a Sunday Suggestion post about different crafts you can make with a BTTF theme. The next few days after that will feature some of the different items that we were supposed to have in 2015, while on the actual day of the 21st, I will discuss the different predictions made by the film to see if they came true. The week will end with next week’s Sunday’s Suggestions suggesting other great time-travel movies.

I hope you enjoy this week’s worth of posts as much as I will enjoy writing them.