Feature 3 Ranked Agario skins

Last week I featured pictures of all the new premium skins on agario that can be bought with the in-game coins. This week they have released some new ranked agario skins that can only be unlocked when you reach a new rank in the game’s levelling up system.

Ranked Veteran Agario Skins 1 Ranked Veteran Agario Skins 2 Ranked Veteran Agario Skins 3 Ranked Veteran Agario Skins 4 Ranked Agario Skins 5

These skins can be unlocked each time you reach the level stated underneath. They are called the ranked or veteran skins and reward loyal players who take time to play the game and level up. The different ranks go in the order of the food chain, meaning the higher rank you get the higher up the food chain you are. So you start as a fly and work your way up to a kraken. Yes, a kraken. I really like this new idea, and I hope it encourages people to play to rank up. You can play with these great new ranked agario skins here.

Control Agario Keyboard

After getting my new laptop, I found it hard to play agario. The reason I found it hard was because of the trackpad instead of an actual mouse. This tutorial should solve that, as I show you how to control agario with your keyboard. Being able to use the keyboard is useful when you are using a laptop or if you are used to the arrow keys playing other games.

This will only work with Chrome at the moment, but lets be honest, who doesn’t have Chrome nowadays? We first need to download a Google Chrome extension named Agar.io Ninja. You can find Agar.io Ninja by clicking here.

Control Agario Keyboard
Agar.io Ninja Google Chrome Extension

Once you have installed the extension make sure it is enabled. Once you are sure it is working you can now get over to agar.io and play with your keyboard.

Control Agario Keyboard


Now you are ready to play you should notice one difference about the main menu. In the top left corner there is a switch that needs to be turned on before you can use the keyboard.

Control Agario Keyboard
Keyboard Switch

The controls are as follows:

Move – WASD or arrow keys

Split – O and left click

Shoot mass – P and right click

Enable / disable mouse – Space

Keyboard controls for the options:

M show mass

N no names

B dark theme

V no colors

C no skins

This is  great little app that can help you get all the way to the top. It has certainly helped me as I am more used to the arrow keys. I hope this tutorial showed you how to control agario with your keyboard.


Since my last Agar.io post detailing some of the new skins based around political figures, they have brought out a premium range of agario skins that can be bought with the new in-game currency.

Agar.io have released a new experience system that allows good players to level up. With each level you gain coins, and these coins are used to buy the premium agario skins. Some of these skins are fairly cheap and available to be purchased only after levelling up a few times. Other skins, however, force the player to be one of the best in the world, or pay for the coins using “real life” currencies.

There are some particularly good, while others are just “meh.” Below are all the premium agario skins:

Agario Skins Agario Skins Agario Skins Agario Skins Agario Skins Agar.io Skins Agar.io Skins Agar.io Skins Agar.io Skins Agar.io Skins Agar.io Skins Agar.io Skins Agar.io Skins Agar.io Skins Agar.io Skins Agar.io Skins Agar.io Skins Agar.io Skins Agar.io Skins Agar.io Skins

If you haven’t played agario yet play it on the official Agar.io website.

World Leaders on Agar.io 1

If you haven’t heard Agar.io have added 21 New Skins that have the face of a politician. This can make Agar.io even more political and give everyone a better chance for satire. You can even use your cell to show your support for an American Presidential candidate.World Leaders on Agar.io 1 World Leaders on Agar.io 2 Angela Merkel on Agar.io

As a British resident I find it funny that I can play as the Queen, David Cameron, or even London Mayor, Boris Johnson. And if you disregard the German flag behind Merkel, it could also work as a Nicola Sturgeon cell. :)

Screenshot 2015-07-14 19.40.23

If you haven’t heard of agar.io first where have you been? and second go play it now at agar.io. If you have played it and enjoyed it I have picked out three web games that I think any agar.io fan would enjoy. They take a few of agar.io’s best bits and put them into a complete game. It should also help you practice and help you get up the agar.io leaderboard.


An incredibly simple game but can teach you a lot about agar.io. It can help you dodge and shoot especially because the character follows the mouse like the cells in agar.io.

The aim of Pixel is to collect the pixels that are released from any enemy you kill. The most interesting thing is that once you collect some of the released pixels it then shoots out some more pixels that can kill other enemies. This gives you a chance to create massive combos to increase your score. I think this game is similar to agar.io in the way you have to collect the pixels or cells and that you control the character with the mouse and can shoot with the space bar. You can play it here.

Pixel Online Game


This game is a quick game that is easy to understand. You start off as a small fish and attempt to eat all the smaller fish to get increasingly bigger. Does this ring any bells? This game was created by XGen Studios and came out at least five years before agar.io. It will help you judge who is bigger and smaller than yourself and also help you dodge the enemies which are constantly coming in from the sides. Although not as involved as agar.io, fishy is a fun game to play when you have some time to waste. If you would like to play this game you can find it here.

Fishy Online Game

 Bubble Tanks

Perhaps the best game similar to agar.io, Bubble Tanks makes you the controller of a tank made of bubbles that must collect other bubbles to grow larger, gain bigger guns, and increase your defences. You start in a bubble that has only a few enemies that cannot fire at you. These are easy to shoot at using the mouse and give you bubbles to help you grow. You can then move out of that bubble and into another to find larger and harder enemies that you must defeat. The more bubbles you pick up the better weapons you get. I think this is similar to agar.io because it makes the player collect bubbles to get stronger. You can play this game created by Hero Interactive here.

Bubble Tanks
Bubble Tanks
Online Games

Sometimes during the day we have some spare time that needs filling. This can be filled with online flash games but playing by yourself seems a bit “lonely,” so I have put forward 3 great online multiplayer games that you can dip in and out of as much as you like. I also hope to give you some tips and tricks from my own experience to help you reach the top!


I only found out about this game around 2 weeks ago. (Yes, I know, I am late to the party) Although no one knows the creator or when it was created it has since become incredibly popular over the last few months being featured on numerous youtube channels and its app is at the top of the charts. If you don’t know the aim of the game is to increase the size of your “cell” by eating all organisms smaller than yourself. It is easy to pick up and learn, but hard to master.

Agar.io Tips and Tricks
An Unnamed Cell About To Catch Me

You move around the screen using your mouse and you must eat other smaller cells to grow bigger. The smaller your are the faster you are, so when you get to a large cell your speed is slower making it harder for you to catch your prey. You have two other options; you can press the space bar to split in two giving you a boost to hopefully catch others, and you can also press W to release a small part of your mass. This can be useful to lure your enemies in and can also be used to shoot viruses. Viruses are the green spiky things dotted around the maps that are great protection for any cell smaller than it, but cause a larger cell to burt into smaller cells that are often eaten up by the hungry cells surrounding you. A virus can be grown by ejecting some mass into it 7 times. On the 7th time a new virus will grow in the direction you were shooting. I would recommend this to eliminate any large cells. The game has leaderboards giving an even more competitive edge to any situation.

Some tips and tricks that I have learned:

1. Use the viruses

If you are small you can use them as defence, and if you are large you can use them as a weapon to take down your competition.

2. Use the walls and corners

Agar.io Virus
A Virus

When crammed up against a wall a player has only two ways they can move – up and down so it is easier for you to catch them. If you are larger you can even trap enemies in the corners and this time they will have no space to run. Watch out though an even larger cell may be right behind you ready to use the walls to their advantage.

3. Use the space bar

This will split you into two and will give you a handy speed boost to catch your foes, or it can be used to speed away from an approaching cell.

The basic agario can be played with skins that can all be found here and the basic game can be played at agar.io

Tag Pro

Another game that can be played on and off is tag pro. This game is an online multiplayer capture the flag game. It features many maps and servers for many countries. The aim of the game is to capture the flag of the opposition and take it back to your flag while it is still there. The problem is if you are holding the flag and you are hit by another ball of the opposite colour you have been tagged and thus pop with a splat of paint. There are also power ups that speed you up, pop other balls, and become a bomb. The variety of maps is incredible with many pitfalls and traps on each for the players to dodge. The game also gives players a rank based on their ability which unlocks flairs for them to use in game. One thing I like about this game is the way you can play one game, and win or lose, you are free to leave again or play another.

Tag Pro Map
One of the many Tag Pro maps.

Some tips and tricks:

1. Check your flag

Before you go out on a hero mission make sure your flag is safely in position. If you are being chased by the opposite team and you have nowhere to put the flag they will catch you and take it away.

2. Use the power-ups

Some of the power ups I have mentioned are incredibly useful to any player trying to make in roads into the enemy base and can also be used while carrying the flag. Collect a power-up before capturing the enemies’ flag.

3. Recon the map’s

Before you go and get the flag make sure you have a way out. Try and spot a tunnel or passage way that will get you from their base to yours the quickest way possible.

4. Leave a ball defending

This is probably the most important and yet the most underused tip. If everyone goes for the flag at once no one is left protecting your flag giving your enemies a really easy catch. Always leave one man back to defend.

This game can be found at http://tagpro-chord.koalabeast.com/

Epic Mafia

Epic Mafia Lobby
Chat before a game.

Many people have played games like Mafia and Werewolf in their youth groups or clubs and now it can be played online. Epic mafia is by far the best place to play these style of lying and bluffing games. If you haven’t played, the basic premise of the game is that in a group of people some are mafia, some have power roles like cop, doctor, and gunsmith, and some are just boring villagers. The aim of the game is for the mafia to out number the villagers and power roles, and the villagers or town to kill the mafia. If you would like a better explanation try this video. I have played this game more than the other two put together and know almost every trick in the book.

Some tip and tricks:

1. Play unranked games first

When you create an account you have to play at least 5 unranked games before you played ranked. But if you want to get ahead play as many games of unranked until you feel comfortable. If you played ranked and cause your team to lose expect some annoyed people.

2. Learn some strategies

I would recommend learning at least 3 strategies that you can play when it is most appropriate. This saves you looking foolish when you do something off the cuff. For a good place to find strategies check out this site.

3. Don’t hold grudges

In a game where people vote off whoever they want it is easy to form grudges with other players. Don’t. If you hold a grudge people will hold one with you and will try all they can to get you killed even if it means them losing. It also works the other way. Don’t be horrible to other people otherwise they may have a grudge against you.

To play this game go to epicmafia.com