Early Man

Nick Park’s new film Early Man Release Dates have been announced. So get your diaries out and write down the dates:

UK: January 26 2018

France: January 31 2018

Germany: March 29 2018

Australia/NZ: March 29 2018

Its only about two years away; it is nice that the UK gets it first. I am looking forward to this film as I am sure you are too. Thanks to ScreenDaily for the info from their site. Remember, any news about this film will be here first!

We already have one still from the film which also serves as its first easter egg.

early man nick park easter egg release dates
The first and hopefully not the last.

We have finally got round to the last Aardman film on the list, and you can probably tell why I left it till last. Arthur Christmas is only the second cgi animated film created by Aardman. It deviates from the standard art style seen in almost all the Aardman films and shows. It is a great film and worth a watch this Christmas. So without further ado, lets get on with the list of Easter Eggs in Arthur Christmas.

We start off with a homage to one of the best Aardman scnes ever; Gromit’s train chase. In the Wrong Trousers, Gromit has to chase Feather’s McGraw on his train set, unfortunetly he runs out of track and has to speedily place the track down in front of him. This can be seen in Arthur Christmas too, when one of the elves has to lay out a train set we can see him speedily lay it out in front of him.

Train Gromit Scene Easter Eggs in Arthur Christmas
A great homage.

As well as being made by Aardman, the film was also created by Sony Animation. Sony wanted to add in a cheeky bit of product placement. One of the first okes in the film involves what everyone thinks is a fireplace, but is actually a flat screen television. This flat screen is none other than a Sony Bravia. I suppose it makes sense. If I was Sony I wouldn’t want to advertise Panasonic.

Sony Bravia Flat Screen Easter Eggs in Arthur Christmas
Very Cheeky Sony

Whether Arthur Christmas is a Christmas film classic remains to be seen, but we all know the significance of the Snowman film by Raymond Briggs. It was great to see a snippet of it playing in the background. Lets hope Arthur Christmas becomes just as much a classic as the Snowman.

The Snowman Raymond Briggs Easter Eggs in Arthur Christmas
We’re Walking in the Air

A nice cameo of Shaun the Sheep snuck in.

Shaun the Sheep Toy Easter Eggs in Arthur Christmas
He’s Shaun the Sheep

I don’t know how much they paid for this product placement, but it was certainly worth it. The Post Office and the Co-op both appear in the film. It cool to see these in the film, as I doubt most overseas viewers wouldn’t get it.

Post Office Co-Operative Food Easter Eggs in Arthur Christmas
Nice bit of advertising.
post office and co op
Very similar don’t you think?

We can now see a poster advertising the film Open Season created by Sony and Columbia. Funnily enough, Arthur Christmas was also made by Sony and Columbia. It is obvious why they added in this nice detail.

Open Season Poster Easter Eggs in Arthur Christmas
Bear Season, Deer Season, Bear Season…

In the UK and I assume many other countries, a company named Haynes create guides and manuals on a variety of subjects. They are best known for car manuals, but more recently they have been creating pop culture guides based on things like Wallace and Gromit’s inventions to the Star Trek Enterprise. Whether Aardman wanted this to be featured because of the recent guides to Wallace’s barmy inventions is unknown, but I can’t help but think it helped.

Haynes Manual Easter Eggs in Arthur Christmas
Haynes Guide to the S-1
haynes manual star wars
They will make a Haynes manual about anything these days.

The last detail is fairly obscure. Chop Socky Chooks was an animated tv show created by Aardman and Sony back in 2008. It appeared on Cartoon Network and from what I can see received relatively bad reviews. I am a massive Aardman fan, and I have never seen an episode so that probably tells you how unpopular it was. However, it made an appearance in Arthur Christmas, so maybe it is loved more than I thought.

Chop Socky Chooks Easter Eggs in Arthur Christmas
Kung Fu Chicken Anyone?
Chop Socky Chooks Poster
Original Poster

Now that all the main films are finished I shall create a page featuring all the different films in a timeline. I shall also be creating videos giving more details about the different easter eggs in the various films. So keep your eyes peeled.


When I saw this film recently in the cinema, I couldn’t wait to get it on DVD so I could pause each moment to try and find all the hidden details. So to carry on in the Aardman series, I have found some of the best Easter eggs hidden in the recent Shaun the Sheep Movie.

Without further ado, lets start with a quality cameo! If you don’t know this bus conductor is none other than Blakey, from UK show On the Buses.

Blakey Shaun the Sheep Movie
” I hate you Butler “
Stephen Lewis as "Blakey"
Stephen Lewis as “Blakey”

This next one shows the amount of detail that goes into these films. In any old cobbler shop in the UK an animatronic man mending shoes can be seen in the window. The man is advertising Phillips shoe products. They are often seen in Timpson’s windows.

Phillips Man Shaun the Sheep Movie
My Arm Aches
timpsons man
My Arm Really Aches

Its great to see a cameo from Shaun’s creator,  Nick Park!

Nick Park Shaun the Sheep Movie
Sneaky, Aardman, Sneaky.

Near the end, when the pigs are watching TV, you should be able to hear the Morph theme tune coming from the set.

Morph Shaun the Sheep Movie
A Pig’s Favourite Programme

If you look carefully at the graffiti, you should see the names of people involved in the production of the film.

More Credits Shaun the Sheep Movie
Credits before the Credits.

Time for another cameo. This time it is from the Wallace and Gromit universe. Miss. Thripp, one of the West Wallaby Street residents, can be seen in a few scenes in the film.

Miss Thripp Shaun the Sheep Movie
It seems she needs a scooter now.
Voiced by Geraldine McEwan

A few of pop culture items making an appearance.

Hoverboard Shaun the Sheep Movie
Marty McFly’s Hoverboard

This may sound a bit far-fetched, but bare with me.  Rhett and Link created a character named Dope Zebra. This zebra was two men inside a zebra suit dancing to some funky music. During the film we see a pantomime horse doing a moonwalk to funky music. A coincidence? Probably.

Dope Zebra Shaun the Sheep Movie
Dope Spotted Horse


A couple of Breaking Bad references.

Breaking Bad Shaun the Sheep Movie

Breaking Bad Shaun the Sheep Movie

Ending with a Blue Peter badge.Blue Peter Shaun the Sheep

After seeing the posters for the new Nick Park film, Early Man, I couldn’t help but see the resemblance.

Dog Shaun the Sheep Movie
Slip the Dog
Early Man
Nick Park’s Early Man

Another lot of credits. These names are all the set designers!

Credits Shaun the Sheep Movie

This is perhaps the biggest cameofest in an Aardman film to date. On this board we can see:Containment Board Shaun the Sheep Movie

The Creature Comforts Posh Cat
Creature Comforts Dog
Creature Comforts Guide Dog
Feathers McGraw
Creature Comforts Pugs
and Vince from Rex the Runt

Only one more Aardman film to look through before I create some accompanying videos.


Continuing on in the line of Aardman films, we get to Peter Lord’s Pirates film! I have picked out some of the best hidden details in the film. to show you today. So sit back, relax, and enjoy just like I did when watching the film again today.

Having been to Weston and Bristol this week, I can see why Aardman decided to add this little nod towards Weston Super-Mare. Weston is just down the road from Aardman’s home of Bristol.

Weston Super-Mare Aardman Pirates
Poor Blood Island being paired with Weston.

This is the only nod to any other Aardman films as far as I can see.

Wallace Aardman Pirates Easter Eggs
Wallace is worth his weight in gold.

This poster is a reference to Mrs. Slocombe from classic BBC sitcom Are you Being Served? Throughout the episodes, Mrs Slocombe always references her cat as “pussy”. This is a playful nod toward that great sitcom character.

Slocombe Aardman Pirates Easter Eggs
A great reference!
Mrs Slocombe Aardman Pirates
The Unforgettable Mrs. Slocombe

This is another nod to a classic British show. This time it is a reference to Opportunity Knocks. The reference is the Applause – o – Meter in the film as a nod to the one in Opportunity Knocks. In the show the different acts were judged the applause of the audience.

Opportunity Knocks Reference Aardman Pirates Easter Eggs
Where have I seen this before?
Opportunity Knocks Clapometre

This is Captain Nemo from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea written by Jules Verne.

Captain Nemo Aardman Pirates Easter Eggs
Capt’n Nemo

This poster is after a new captain for the ship Bounty. They must have had a mutiny or something.

Mutiny on the Bounty Aardman Pirates Easter Eggs
New Captain Needed

Whether this is a reference to the Madagascar films, or just a coincidence. But these lemurs certainly remind me of King Julian.

Madagascar Aardman Pirates Easter Eggs
King Julian?

Being a massive fan of the Beano, as I am sure you know, this reference was not lost on me. The Pirate King asks the Pirate Captain for his membership badge with the googly eyes back. This is meant to remind the viewer of the Gnasher badge that was given out to members of the Beano club.

Gnasher Badge Aardman Easter Eggs Pirates
It has googly eyes.
gnasher badge
This also has googly eyes.

The Pirate King in the film is voiced by Brian Blessed. We see his name mentioned on the Pirate of the Year nomination sheet where it asks about the roaring of the applicant; the options were regular, incessant, or Brian Blessed.

Brian Blessed Aardman Pirates Easter Eggs
Gordon’s Alive!

Another British show is referenced, with the Blue Peter badge being on the hat of the Pirate with Gout.

Blue Peter Badge Pirates Aardman Easter Eggs
Pirate with Gout’s Favourite TV Programme

We now see a Blog Blowfish reference. I wish.

Blog Blowfish Aardman Pirates Easter Eggs
Who can blame me for doing a cheeky bit of self promotion?

A great pun on the gossip mag Hello! made to look like a pirate version.

Ahoy! Pirates Aardman Easter Eggs
Much like Hello! only better and with more pirates.

If you like this post make sure to check out the Aardman films I have searched through. You should find some real hidden gems.

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Continuing with the Aardman easter eggs, I watched Flushed Away to see the hidden details. This was the best film so far, probably because they could add whatever they wanted because it was CGI, rather than having to make it physically for stop motion.

We start with a 50 Cent reference. Introducing to you 40 Pence!

40pence Flushed Away Easter Eggs
40 Pence In Da House

Two Aardman books including Cracking Animation.

Aardman books Flushed Away Easter Eggs
Great Reading Choices

A Tail of Two Cats. Alex the Lion from Madagascar and the Cat from Creature Comforts.

Cat and Lion Flushed Away Easter Eggs
Two Cats
alex the lion madagascar
Alex the Lion
Creature Comforts Cat
Creature Comforts Cat

Some more Creature Comfort characters.

Creature Comfort Flushed Away Easter Eggs
All the Creature Comfort Gang

Some recognisable DVDs including Over the Hedge, Shrek, Antz, and Wallace and Gromit Curse of the Were Rabbit.

DVDs Flushed Away Easter Eggs
Great DVD Collection Roddy

This looks like a fighting game with Feathers McGraw vs Preston. The question is who would you back and where do I get an arcade machine like that?

Feathers and Preston Flushed Away Easter Eggs
Feathers vs Preston – Who will win?

A Gromit Pencil topper available at all good ebay stores.

Gromit Pencil Topper Flushed Away Easter Eggs
Gromit Pencil Topper

Surely another Gromit reference?

Gromit Reference Flushed Away Easter Eggs
Got to be a Gromit Reference

Gromit Plushie. Need I say more?

Gromit Toy Flushed Away Easter Eggs
Oh Gromit

A sock monkey of the monkey from Madagascar.

Monkey Madagascar Flushed Away Easter Eggs
Madagascar Sock Monkey
Madagascar Monkey Flushed Away Easter Eggs
Madagascar Monkey

An obvious reference to Dreamwork’s rival Pixar. Doesn’t really look like Nemo though.

Nemo Flushed Away Easter Eggs
Have you seen my dad?

These penguins sneak in everywhere.

Penguins Flushed Away Easter Eggs

The rabbits from Were Rabbit.

Rabbits Flushed Away Easter Eggs
Veg Bad… Veg Bad…

Rex the Runt, Aardman’s TV series gets a reference too.

Rex the Runt Flushed Away Easter Eggs
Rex the Hunt

Shaun also gets two nods.

Shaun 2 flushed Away Easter Eggs
He’s Shaun the Sheep
Shaun the Sheep Pic Flushed Away Easter Eggs
He’s Shaun the Sheep

We also get a Shrek reference.

Shrek Flushed Away Easter Eggs
Shrek Fridge Magnet

Recognise this picture?

Wallace and Gromit Pic Flushed Away Easter Eggs
Wallace and Gromit Picture


Or this one?

Wallace Football Flushed Away Easter Eggs
Wallace from Cracking Contraptions playing the Bootiful Game

Or this Costume?

Wallace Suit Flushed Away Easter Eggs
Wallace Costume

Two for one. A Wendolene picture and a Chicken Run DVD.

Wendolene and Chicken Run Flushed Away Easter Eggs
Two for the price of one… Wendolene and Chicken Run

A newspaper reference to the Were Rabbit terrorising West Wallaby Street.

Were Rabbit Flushed Away Easter Eggs
Were Rabbit Reference

Last but not least, a Wolverine reference. Wolverine is played by Hugh Jackman, and so is Rodney, so why not have a Wolverine costume.

Wolverine Flushed Away Easter Eggs
Wolverine Costume

Thanks for reading. I have finally found all the other DVDs for the other Aardman films, so stay tuned Fishy Friends!


After watching all the Wallace and Gromit films and finding all the Easter eggs in those, I decided to do the first Aardman feature film… Chicken Run. I must say, even though it is a film about chickens, I didn’t find that many Easter eggs. I did try my best, however, so sit back and enjoy.

The first hidden detail is a tin of chicken soup. How on earth could they get a tin of chicken soup? The logo even looks like Campbells.

Chicken Soup Chicken Run Easter Eggs
A Bit in Bad Taste?

When I watched the film the first time I couldn’t place this next detail. It wasn’t until I watched an episode of Rex the Runt, when I put two and two together. The company Chuffy Dog Snacks appears in Chicken Run when the rats are watching the chickens fly, and also in Rex the Runt episode 2 when Bad Bob is eating in the telly.

Chuffy 2 Chicken Run Easter Eggs
Rats with Chuffy Bag
Chuffy Rex the Runt Chicken Run Easter Eggs
Bad Bob from Rex the Runt with Chuffy

Just took this little bit out as everyone knows that Cornflakes have a rooster on the front, and obviously Aardman didn’t forget either.

Cornflakes Chicken Run Easter Eggs
Your Wake Up Ritual

The next is a nice nod towards two war time heroines; Get and Daisy. They were some of the most well-known radio personalities during the war. This is the actual cover of their wartime recipe book. You can see the amazon listing for the book here.

Gert and Daisy Chicken Run Easter Eggs
Fowler’s Favourite

Nick Park likes to make cameos in his films and this one was no exception. Nick voiced this chicken. This is the chicken that whistles when Mr. Tweedy is looking at the covered teapot.

Nick park Chicken Run Easter Eggs
A Special Cameo

Although it is very hard to read, the propellers are actually road signs. They say Halifax 32, Lancaster 40, and Sunderland 59 making the location of the farm somewhere around Wensleydale, Wallace’s favourite place!

Propeller Chicken Run Easter Eggs
An interesting propeller

This radio has some interesting place names on it, but the most interesting is Nick Park’s beloved Preston.

Radio Chicken Run Easter Eggs

How witty. If you didn’t know, Stephenson’s Rocket was the name of the first train ever made.

Stevenson's Roquette Chicken Run Easter Eggs
Stevenson’s Roquette Rides Like A Dream

The last is a nod to Bristol, the home of Aardman. There is a Stokehill in Bristol, so I can only assume there was a good green grocers there.

Stokehill Vegetables Chicken Run Easter Eggs
Stokehill’s Vegetables


Well he we are, the last Wallace and Gromit movie; it’s been fun hasn’t it? This film was chocked full of hidden extras like all the others, so sit back, relax, and enjoy.

In the first scene we see Bob Baker, the same baker who appeared in a Close Shave. He is also named after the writer of Wallace and Gromit, Bob Baker.

Bob Baker Wallace and Gomit
If I knew you were coming I’d have baked a cake.
Bob Baker Wallace and Gromit Sign
A Sign Advertising Bob Baker’s Buns in A Close Shave

I wouldn’t usually point out any nods to films, but this time I made an exception. In A Grand Day Out we can see a red sledge named Rose Bud after the film Citizen Cane, and now in this film we see a poster in Gromit’s room of Citizen Canine.

Citizen Canine Wallace and Gromit
Gromit’s Favourite Film?

We see Feathers McGraw yet again make an appearance. I have a theory surrounding this shady character so stay tuned.

Feathers McGraw Wallace and Gromit
Not again…

Another nod to an older film, this Meatabix brand can also be seen in the Wrong Trousers.

Meetabix Wallace and Gromit
An Old favourite

The bike and sidecar hasn’t been discarded since its use in the Close Shave.

Motorbike Wallace and Gromit
An old friend

At the Zoo enclosure we can see some familiar looking penguins, but bare in mind none of these can be Feathers because he is missing.

Penguin Enclosure Wallace and Gromit
Recognise anyone?

This rocket has also appeared in every film.

Rocket Wallace and Gromit
Gromit sure loves his rocket.

No sheep pictures to be seen in this film, but we do still see some sheep on Gromit’s wall.

Wall Sheep Wallace and Gromit
Makes a change from ducks I suppose.

Now the Wallace and Gromit films are finished with, we can now turn our attentions to Aardman’s other films, so keep an eye out and follow this blog so you don’t miss out.


Although Grand Day Out is the first Wallace and Gromit film, I was only able to get a digital copy the other day hence being after the other 3 films so far. This film doesn’t have as many Easter eggs as its predecessors, but I hope you enjoy them just the same.

One thing you will notice if you have read any of the other posts is the pictures of sheep dotted about the sets. This film was no different. These pictures are seen as nods towards the Close Shave film and Shaun the Sheep.

Another another sheep Another Sheep More Sheep One more sheep Sheep Newspaper

I have already mentioned the red sledge in a previous post but this is the film it appeared in. The red sledge shown is a nod to the Citizen Kane film, where, spoiler alert, Rose Bud is the name of his childhood sledge.

Rosebud Grand Day Out
Rose Bud

The next is potentially a reference to Batman, but Nick Park has said the headline is actually a childhood story of when one of his chickens was saved by another of his chickens. He also mentioned that is could have been a foreshadowing of Chicken Run.

Batman Reference Grand Day Out

The last hidden detail can be seen on Wallace’s suitcase that he puts in the rocket. You should notice that  one of the stickers says Beaconsfield. This is actually the place where the National Film and Television School is situated and also where Nick filmed some of the scenes in the film.

Beaconsfield Grand Day Out
Blackpool, Bognor, Beaconsfield

As I said not many things in this one, but stay tuned for Chicken Run, A Matter of Loaf and Death, and all the other Aardman films!

Wallace and Gromit Curse of the Were Rabbit

Unlike the last two Wallace and Gromit films I have featured, I actually remember when this film came out, and I think I went to see it in the cinema about 3 times because I loved it that much. Even after watching it so many times, after searching through it with a fine toothed comb I find little bits I have never noticed it before. So lets begin…

The first few hidden items were mainstays from the Wallace and Gromit films, the first being the rocket from Grand Day Out.

Grand Day Out Rocket Wallace and Gromit Were Rabbit
Cheese, We’ll Go Somewhere where theres cheese!

The other mainstays are sheep pictures giving a nod to the Close Shave previously and Shaun the Sheep later.

Sheep Pics Wallace and Gromit Were Rabbit
More Sheep Pictures

Next we see another familiar face, Frank the Tortoise from Creature Comforts. Frank also appeared in a Close Shave

Frank the Tortoise Wallace and Gromit Were Rabbit
Frank from Creature Comforts in Curse of the Were Rabbit as a security device.
Tortoise Wallace and Gromit
Do You Recognise This Tortoise? Frank in A Close Shave
Frank Tortoise Creature Comforts
Frank the Tortoise Appearing in Creature Comforts

A reference to another film is also made. The name of the green grocers is Harvey’s named after the large rabbit named Harvey in the film with the same name.

Harvey's Wallace and Gromit Were Rabbit
A big carrot for a big rabbit

The two directors even got a cameo appearance as real-life photos in the Vicar’s church building.

Nick Park Wallace and Gromit Were Rabbit
Nick Park as a Vicar
Steve Box Wallace and Gromit in Were Rabbit
Steve Box as a Vicar

In 2002, Matt Groening, the creator of the Simpsons, came to have a tour around Aardman studios. Curse of the Were-Rabbit was in production at this point so seeing this book title, Springfield named after the setting of the Simpson, got me wondering. Did Nick add this small detail in as a nod to Matt’s tour, or did Matt ask for something to be added while he went round? I don’t think we will ever know.

Springfield Book Wallace and Gromit Were Rabbit
Springfield, the setting of the Simpsons.
Matt Groening Aardman
Signed Pic of Matt Groening and Aardman Crew during Matt’s Tour.

A great nod to Wallace and Gromit’s last adventure, a Close Shave.

Close Shave Wallace and Gromit Were Rabbit
A Close Shave Barber

As some fans may know, Lady Tottington was originally supposed to be Wendolene from A Close Shave, but was later changed. Wendolene Ramsbottom was not forgotten in the film however, with a great cheese banner advertising Ramsbottom Dairy Products.

Ramsbottom Wallace and Gromit Were Rabbit
I thought Wendolene hated cheese?

Since his appearance in the Wrong Trousers, Feathers McGraw has appeared in every W + G film since, and Were Rabbit was no exception. You can see him in an urn on top of Tottington Hall!

Feather's McGraw Wallace and Gromit Were Rabbit
He sneaks in everywhere.

I hope you enjoy reading these easter eggs as much I enjoy finding them. I am aiming to create a post like this for every Aardman film ever made, so stay tuned for Matter of Loaf and Death, Chicken Run, and the Shaun the Sheep Movie.


Wallace and Gromit: A Close Shave is one of my favourite movies meaning I have watched it over and over again. So you would think I would know most of the easter eggs, but after watching the film the last time pausing at different moments did I see so many more little hidden gems that I had never seen before.

In the first few scenes of the film you will be able to see many food items in Wallace’s larder. One of these items actually has the name of Steve Box, an Aardman animator, on it!

Steve Box Close Shave
Just Behind the Beans Can You See The Name of Aardman Animator, Steve Box?

Do you recognise this Tortoise? If you are an avid fan of Aardman, you should know this tortoise from Creature Comforts named Frank. Nick Park worked on Creature Comforts after his first film, A Grand Day Out.

Tortoise Wallace and Gromit
Do You Recognise This Tortoise? It Is Very Similar To The One From Creature Comforts!
Frank Tortoise Creature Comforts
Frank the Tortoise Appearing in Creature Comforts

Only four characters have made an appearance in two or more Wallace and Gromit films; Wallace, Gromit, Feathers, and Bob Baker.Bob Baker was actually a nod towards the scriptwriter of the Wallace and Gromit films, also named Bob Baker. Interestingly, what was a cheeky nod to Bob in the Close Shave became a full blown appearance in a Matter of Loaf and Death, being the first baker to be killed by Piella Bakewell at the beginning of the film.

Bob Baker Wallace and Gromit
This is the Baker’s Shop of Bob Baker
Bob Baker Wallace and Gromit Sign
A Sign Advertising Bob Baker’s Buns (Try saying that 5 Times)
Baker_Bob Wallace and Gromit
Bob Baker in a Matter of Loaf and Death

This is the prison table in Gromit’s cell. notice the funny graffiti.

Close Shave Prison Table
Just a fun addition of graffiti on the prison table. You can see a butterfly, Home Sweet Home, and an escape route.

Now this is the interesting bit. Nick park has mentioned the fact that Feathers McGraw appears in A Close Shave, but has never officially revealed where he is. There are some signs of Feathers in the film…

Feathers Hat Close Shave
It looks like Wendolene is selling Feathers McGraw disguises.
Feathers Was 'Ere
Wiganian Graffiti
Penguin Books Close Shave
Penguin Books…

This is where I think he is. Just as Wallace is getting covered in Shaun’s fleece, look behind Wallace and you should see him.

Feathers McGraw in A Close Shave
I think this is where Feathers McGraw is in a Close Shave

Stay Tuned for the Easter Eggs in the Wrong Trousers.