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As I am sure you have gathered this week is Tintin week! Every post this week will be dedicated to the young reporter and his many adventures. As always I have written out a schedule. Bare in mind I probably won’t stick to it, but one can dream.

Tuesday: A nice page from the Phoenix Comic in honour of Tintin.

Wednesday: Easter Eggs in The Tintin Books

Thursday: Easter Eggs in The Tintin Film

Friday: Snowy, Milou, and Herge’s young love.

Saturday: My day off as always.

Sunday: Review of Herge’s Adventures of Tintin Cartoon DVD Box Set.

This week’s Culture Clash is between two old friends. It is…

Captain Haddock vs Tintin

Who is your favourite character?

tintin vs captain haddock culture clash tintin week
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game show board games feature

I like board game and I like game shows. But it is often very hard to put the pair together. Often these game show board games are seen as cash ins on the popular show. For this reason most aren’t very good. Yet, a few do get through and  surprise us.

The Good:

QI Board Game

I have never really watched QI, but I do know the format. The board game stays true to the format. You must answer a question from a booklet, and try to answer it correctly and not falling into the trap of the obvious but wrong answer. You then get points for your answers; if you were right you move forward, but if you were wrong and gave the obvious answer and are called out you go back so many spaces. The winner is the person to get to end of the board.

The thing I like about the game is the sheer amount of questions. There is just over 2500 question contained in 4 booklets. The thing I really like is the way the questions are picked. Rather than just picking out the card and reading the question, the play whose round it is rolls the dice. The colour booklet corresponds with the place you are on the board, while the dice tell you the number of the question from 1-666. I like the way this works as you feel the questions are incredibly random, and not just what the question master picks out of the card stack.

The board game certainly resonates with the programme, so I think any QI fan would enjoy it, once they figure out all the complicated rules.

qi board game game show board games Q I

Countdown Board Game

It is a very simple format, but Countdown has longevity. The show consists of 3 different rounds each designed to test your spelling, maths, and logic. I am sure you know the format by now. You start with a letters round where different letters are put up on a board and the player must make the longest word out of the those letters. The next kind of round involves numbers. The player must make a 3 digit number by adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing the 5 numbers they are give. The closest player to the total wins. The last round is the Countdown conundrum, where a nine letter anagram and a clue are given to the players. The first one to correctly guess the anagram wins.

The game is very similar to the show. It gives so much playability that you could play it forever, provided you leave out the conundrums. This is because all the letters and numbers are on separate cards and can be shuffled to give randomness.  The number who have to make in the maths round are chosen by a 8 sided dice. A fan of the show will undoubtedly enjoy it, and should get years of fun out of it.

countdown board game game show

The Bad:

Pointless Board Game

The point of Pointless is to get the most pointless answer. Got it? Good. Each player has to try and guess the answer which no one else has given. The show has different rounds with different styles of question. Some rounds just ask a straight out question, others give you ones to choose, and the head-to-head ones gives you fewer options. These different rounds are represented in the cards with the questions in the game.

As much as I like the programme, the game just doesn’t live up to it. As soon as you have used up the cards it seems like you can’t play again as most people would know the good answers. It also kicks out the players who lose the round, until the final round to have a stab at winning. It is a good game to play, but won’t be fun forever.

pointless board game game show

The Chase Board Game

The Chase board game has similar problems to the Pointless board game. The format is good fun, yet you still have the same problem with the cards. You only have so many questions until you know the answers to them all. I have heard someone say that they have only played a few times and already got through 25% of the questions. If you are beaten by the Chaser you have to sit out again too.

Not many people would like the fact they if they lose to their “chaser” they are out of the game, especially if they were the first contestant. The Chase is a fun concept, and being able to play against your smartest family member is also good fun.

the chase board game game show

The Ugly:

The Crystal Maze Board Game

It must have seemed like a good idea to make a Crystal Maze board game, but in reality it wasn’t. The show is based around four different zones each with varying mini games. The board game aims to provide the same kind of fun mini games as seen in the programme. Unfortunately, the components are so hard to use, and the game so fiddly, it is very hard to actually play the game. I once had a copy and struggled to play it and thus never played it again. It may well have been better than I remember, but I remember a very clunky and poorly made board game.

crystal maze board game game show

British vs American Game Shows

It is no secret that many British game show formats make it across the pond to be revved up by the Americans. But then again us Brits get some American shows come over here. In this post I hope to provide a some details about the differences as the shows moved across the Atlantic.

The Chase

British vs American Game Shows

A game show where contestants must go up against some of the best quizzers in the country and avoid being caught. The British version started in 2009 and has since had some of the best ratings for daytime TV. It even won an National Television Award recently for daytime programmes. The American Chase first aired in 2013. The Uk version is hosted by Bradley Walsh with 5 different chasers, while the US version is hosted by Brooke Burns with only one chaser, who is Mark Labbett from the UK show.

In my opinion Bradley Walsh is a far superior host, mainly because he is absolutely hilarious. Brooke is good and her chat with Mark is often interesting. The fact that the Uk version has 5 different chasers the variety makes it more appealing. The US show has a lot more drama. Everything is built up with tense music. The format is also slightly different with each question in the cash builder worth $5000, and there are only three contestants instead of 4.




The Weakest Link

British vs American Game Shows

The Weakest Link is a very simple show in premise. The contestant must answer questions correctly to accumulate cash in the bank, and then vote out who they feel is the worst player. The added spice of the host makes it much harder. Anne Robinson was the host of the UK version as well as the American version. The formats were exactly the same, apart from the last round where in the US version they would not do a cash builder with the final two contestants, and rather go straight to the head-to-head. Anne was the best presenter, so when the the US version changed hosts from Anne to George Gray only after a year, the show wasn’t quite the same. Even though both shows had a live studio audience, the US audience always seemed to find things funnier and cheer much more than the reserved British guests.

There is no denying Anne made the show. Her quick quips and insults became a regular feature of the show with people tuning in just to see her slam into a poor, unwitting contestant.




The Price is Right

British vs American Game Shows

In 1956, the original Price is Right game show appeared on US television. It was a show based all around the price of items. The show had various “mini games” each with the price of items at the forefront. The US version is still around today with new episodes still being aired. The British version, however, started much later. 1984 was the year for the Brits. The formats were very similar from across the pond. The American version had Bob Barker at the helm until he was replaced in 2007, while the Brits have had 4 different hosts. The most memorable being Bruce Forsythe. The Bruce era and thereafter is the most reminiscent of the US show. The UK Price is Right did try and stage a comeback, but failed to get the viewers, and ended in 2007.

Bruce played to the audience and was a real crowd favourite. He was a seasoned presenter and knew exactly how to get the best out of contestants. Bob is very similar in the US version. The Us version also contains a lot more advertising.



What shows do you prefer? The funny and humourous British ones, or the dramatic and tense American ones?





feature bradley walsh game show fails

In my lifetime I have seen a fair few funny answers on quiz show. Even though some are said just for fun, the best ones are one which people genuinely think are right. This list is of the top 10 British game show answers that had us all asking “What are they doing?” or “Surely they can’t be that stupid!”

5. Leaning Tower of Pisa (Wheel of Fortune)

Before Bradley Walsh was the nutty guy from the Chase. He used to host Wheel of Fortune. When the topic “landmark” came up the contestant managed to solve the phrase with just one letter. She got it right, and thus commenced Bradley giving us a clue to how bonkers he really was.

4. Fastest Finger Fail (Who Wants to be a Millionaire?)

The gameshow to give away the most money, Who wants to be a Millionaire?, find its contestants by doing a question known as fastest finger first. The question was to put the traffic lights colours in order. No one got it right. Oops.

3. JR or JFK? (Pointless)

The object of Pointless is to get the lowest score. The most obvious answers get you the most points. Therefore on the round about Assassinations, the obvious answer to the clue shot by Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas would have been JFK. Not what the contestant thought.

2. German Skier (The Chase)

Bradley Walsh is known for his juvenile sense of humour. He is not very professional either. So this is a great combination when the questions writers bring up a question about a female German skier. Bradley absolutely loses it. I am pretty sure the Chase question masters deliberately bring up these sorts of question just to throw him.

1. Turkey? (Family Fortunes)

We all know how stressful it is to answer questions under pressure. So imagine standing on the podium of Family Fortunes on the Big Money round with all your family counting on you to perform and get them the jackpot. If you don’t know, the aim of Family Fortunes is to get the most popular answer. On the final round, up steps Bob Johnson and hilarity ensues. He has said since, while in the supposedly sound proof booth, he heard his partner say chicken. But even so…

game show week Blog Blowfish

As you have probably gathered this is Game Show week. I am your host Blog Blowfish. This week’s rules are as follows:

Tuesday: Post will be a compilation of some of the funniest gameshow moments.

Wednesday: An interesting history behind money prizes and game show jackpots.

Thursday: Post about the differences between American and British game shows.

Friday: An article about some of the best game show hosts.

Saturday: As always is my day off!

Sunday: I will be reviewing some good and bad game show based board games.

We will also be having another Culture Clash this week is:

game show week culture clash the chase vs eggheads

Who is smarter?


Now that you know the rules lets get on with the show!


We have finally got round to the last Aardman film on the list, and you can probably tell why I left it till last. Arthur Christmas is only the second cgi animated film created by Aardman. It deviates from the standard art style seen in almost all the Aardman films and shows. It is a great film and worth a watch this Christmas. So without further ado, lets get on with the list of Easter Eggs in Arthur Christmas.

We start off with a homage to one of the best Aardman scnes ever; Gromit’s train chase. In the Wrong Trousers, Gromit has to chase Feather’s McGraw on his train set, unfortunetly he runs out of track and has to speedily place the track down in front of him. This can be seen in Arthur Christmas too, when one of the elves has to lay out a train set we can see him speedily lay it out in front of him.

Train Gromit Scene Easter Eggs in Arthur Christmas
A great homage.

As well as being made by Aardman, the film was also created by Sony Animation. Sony wanted to add in a cheeky bit of product placement. One of the first okes in the film involves what everyone thinks is a fireplace, but is actually a flat screen television. This flat screen is none other than a Sony Bravia. I suppose it makes sense. If I was Sony I wouldn’t want to advertise Panasonic.

Sony Bravia Flat Screen Easter Eggs in Arthur Christmas
Very Cheeky Sony

Whether Arthur Christmas is a Christmas film classic remains to be seen, but we all know the significance of the Snowman film by Raymond Briggs. It was great to see a snippet of it playing in the background. Lets hope Arthur Christmas becomes just as much a classic as the Snowman.

The Snowman Raymond Briggs Easter Eggs in Arthur Christmas
We’re Walking in the Air

A nice cameo of Shaun the Sheep snuck in.

Shaun the Sheep Toy Easter Eggs in Arthur Christmas
He’s Shaun the Sheep

I don’t know how much they paid for this product placement, but it was certainly worth it. The Post Office and the Co-op both appear in the film. It cool to see these in the film, as I doubt most overseas viewers wouldn’t get it.

Post Office Co-Operative Food Easter Eggs in Arthur Christmas
Nice bit of advertising.
post office and co op
Very similar don’t you think?

We can now see a poster advertising the film Open Season created by Sony and Columbia. Funnily enough, Arthur Christmas was also made by Sony and Columbia. It is obvious why they added in this nice detail.

Open Season Poster Easter Eggs in Arthur Christmas
Bear Season, Deer Season, Bear Season…

In the UK and I assume many other countries, a company named Haynes create guides and manuals on a variety of subjects. They are best known for car manuals, but more recently they have been creating pop culture guides based on things like Wallace and Gromit’s inventions to the Star Trek Enterprise. Whether Aardman wanted this to be featured because of the recent guides to Wallace’s barmy inventions is unknown, but I can’t help but think it helped.

Haynes Manual Easter Eggs in Arthur Christmas
Haynes Guide to the S-1
haynes manual star wars
They will make a Haynes manual about anything these days.

The last detail is fairly obscure. Chop Socky Chooks was an animated tv show created by Aardman and Sony back in 2008. It appeared on Cartoon Network and from what I can see received relatively bad reviews. I am a massive Aardman fan, and I have never seen an episode so that probably tells you how unpopular it was. However, it made an appearance in Arthur Christmas, so maybe it is loved more than I thought.

Chop Socky Chooks Easter Eggs in Arthur Christmas
Kung Fu Chicken Anyone?
Chop Socky Chooks Poster
Original Poster

Now that all the main films are finished I shall create a page featuring all the different films in a timeline. I shall also be creating videos giving more details about the different easter eggs in the various films. So keep your eyes peeled.


When I saw this film recently in the cinema, I couldn’t wait to get it on DVD so I could pause each moment to try and find all the hidden details. So to carry on in the Aardman series, I have found some of the best Easter eggs hidden in the recent Shaun the Sheep Movie.

Without further ado, lets start with a quality cameo! If you don’t know this bus conductor is none other than Blakey, from UK show On the Buses.

Blakey Shaun the Sheep Movie
” I hate you Butler “
Stephen Lewis as "Blakey"
Stephen Lewis as “Blakey”

This next one shows the amount of detail that goes into these films. In any old cobbler shop in the UK an animatronic man mending shoes can be seen in the window. The man is advertising Phillips shoe products. They are often seen in Timpson’s windows.

Phillips Man Shaun the Sheep Movie
My Arm Aches
timpsons man
My Arm Really Aches

Its great to see a cameo from Shaun’s creator,  Nick Park!

Nick Park Shaun the Sheep Movie
Sneaky, Aardman, Sneaky.

Near the end, when the pigs are watching TV, you should be able to hear the Morph theme tune coming from the set.

Morph Shaun the Sheep Movie
A Pig’s Favourite Programme

If you look carefully at the graffiti, you should see the names of people involved in the production of the film.

More Credits Shaun the Sheep Movie
Credits before the Credits.

Time for another cameo. This time it is from the Wallace and Gromit universe. Miss. Thripp, one of the West Wallaby Street residents, can be seen in a few scenes in the film.

Miss Thripp Shaun the Sheep Movie
It seems she needs a scooter now.
Voiced by Geraldine McEwan

A few of pop culture items making an appearance.

Hoverboard Shaun the Sheep Movie
Marty McFly’s Hoverboard

This may sound a bit far-fetched, but bare with me.  Rhett and Link created a character named Dope Zebra. This zebra was two men inside a zebra suit dancing to some funky music. During the film we see a pantomime horse doing a moonwalk to funky music. A coincidence? Probably.

Dope Zebra Shaun the Sheep Movie
Dope Spotted Horse


A couple of Breaking Bad references.

Breaking Bad Shaun the Sheep Movie

Breaking Bad Shaun the Sheep Movie

Ending with a Blue Peter badge.Blue Peter Shaun the Sheep

After seeing the posters for the new Nick Park film, Early Man, I couldn’t help but see the resemblance.

Dog Shaun the Sheep Movie
Slip the Dog
Early Man
Nick Park’s Early Man

Another lot of credits. These names are all the set designers!

Credits Shaun the Sheep Movie

This is perhaps the biggest cameofest in an Aardman film to date. On this board we can see:Containment Board Shaun the Sheep Movie

The Creature Comforts Posh Cat
Creature Comforts Dog
Creature Comforts Guide Dog
Feathers McGraw
Creature Comforts Pugs
and Vince from Rex the Runt

Only one more Aardman film to look through before I create some accompanying videos.


If you didn’t know, the next series of Mythbusters will be the last one ever. The news was dropped a couple of weeks ago, and since then Adam has been posting pictures of the last shoots on Twitter.  I have been a big fan of the programme for some years now, and I will be upset once it finishes. In the post I will hope to point out some great things to watch, that fans of Mythbusters should enjoy.

Duck Quacks Don’t Echo

This is a British TV programme that is shown on Sky 1. This programme invites 3 celebrities to come onto the show to prove or disprove facts. The show is hosted by comedian Lee Mack, making it a bit more funny and less serious than other shows. The programme starts with testing the facts brought in by the guests. The testing is scientific, and after the test you always feel they did the best to prove or disprove the fact. After testing the 3 celeb facts, the guests then choose a fact from the audience. As these were chosen during the filming, the facts are put to a panel of three experts. These experts then use the knowledge they have and what they know from recent studies to prove or disprove the facts as best as they can. The last segment involves a fact from Lee that he proves in the studio, often with big apparatus. I think this programme is an interesting take on proving facts. Most of the facts are not big stunts or scientific phenomenon like Mythbusters, but rather things like “If given the choice Men would…” or “Most dogs will…” The show appears on Sky 1 and the US version appears on National Geographic Channel. It is not as meaty as Mythbuster, but it is a light entertainment show that will leave you saying “Wow, I didn’t know that!”

Lee Mack Climbing Up A Wall with Hoovers

Scrapheap Challenge

Scrapheap Challenge is also a British show featuring two teams who had to create different machines from junk found in a scrapyard. The two teams would be given a challenge as to what they had to build. These challenges included building a hovercraft, a cannon, and an amphibious car. Each team consisted of 3 regular team members and one expert on each team. There was also an expert on the particular challenge that informed the presenters. After a set period of time building their machines, the teams would put them to the test. Fans of Mythbusters should enjoy the make do and mend approach from the teams. Many episodes of Scrapheap Challenge are available on Youtube.

scrapheap challenge
Teams Competing in the Scrapheap

Brainiac: Science Abuse

Brainiac: Science Abuse does exactly what is says on the tin. The shows presenters enjoyed nothing more than putting common scientific theories to the test. Many things were put to the test including some that Mythbusters have also tried. One test they performed was actually shown on a Mythbusters episode. The crescendo of the show was always blowing up a caravan. If you like Mythbusters you should definitely love Brainiac. It has all the same scientific action, but with a lot of humour as well. They also love using explosives. There are a lot of episodes on YouTube so check them out.

Brainiac Science Abuse
Brainiac Blowing Up a Donar Kebab (Like You Do)


Continuing on in the line of Aardman films, we get to Peter Lord’s Pirates film! I have picked out some of the best hidden details in the film. to show you today. So sit back, relax, and enjoy just like I did when watching the film again today.

Having been to Weston and Bristol this week, I can see why Aardman decided to add this little nod towards Weston Super-Mare. Weston is just down the road from Aardman’s home of Bristol.

Weston Super-Mare Aardman Pirates
Poor Blood Island being paired with Weston.

This is the only nod to any other Aardman films as far as I can see.

Wallace Aardman Pirates Easter Eggs
Wallace is worth his weight in gold.

This poster is a reference to Mrs. Slocombe from classic BBC sitcom Are you Being Served? Throughout the episodes, Mrs Slocombe always references her cat as “pussy”. This is a playful nod toward that great sitcom character.

Slocombe Aardman Pirates Easter Eggs
A great reference!
Mrs Slocombe Aardman Pirates
The Unforgettable Mrs. Slocombe

This is another nod to a classic British show. This time it is a reference to Opportunity Knocks. The reference is the Applause – o – Meter in the film as a nod to the one in Opportunity Knocks. In the show the different acts were judged the applause of the audience.

Opportunity Knocks Reference Aardman Pirates Easter Eggs
Where have I seen this before?
Opportunity Knocks Clapometre

This is Captain Nemo from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea written by Jules Verne.

Captain Nemo Aardman Pirates Easter Eggs
Capt’n Nemo

This poster is after a new captain for the ship Bounty. They must have had a mutiny or something.

Mutiny on the Bounty Aardman Pirates Easter Eggs
New Captain Needed

Whether this is a reference to the Madagascar films, or just a coincidence. But these lemurs certainly remind me of King Julian.

Madagascar Aardman Pirates Easter Eggs
King Julian?

Being a massive fan of the Beano, as I am sure you know, this reference was not lost on me. The Pirate King asks the Pirate Captain for his membership badge with the googly eyes back. This is meant to remind the viewer of the Gnasher badge that was given out to members of the Beano club.

Gnasher Badge Aardman Easter Eggs Pirates
It has googly eyes.
gnasher badge
This also has googly eyes.

The Pirate King in the film is voiced by Brian Blessed. We see his name mentioned on the Pirate of the Year nomination sheet where it asks about the roaring of the applicant; the options were regular, incessant, or Brian Blessed.

Brian Blessed Aardman Pirates Easter Eggs
Gordon’s Alive!

Another British show is referenced, with the Blue Peter badge being on the hat of the Pirate with Gout.

Blue Peter Badge Pirates Aardman Easter Eggs
Pirate with Gout’s Favourite TV Programme

We now see a Blog Blowfish reference. I wish.

Blog Blowfish Aardman Pirates Easter Eggs
Who can blame me for doing a cheeky bit of self promotion?

A great pun on the gossip mag Hello! made to look like a pirate version.

Ahoy! Pirates Aardman Easter Eggs
Much like Hello! only better and with more pirates.

If you like this post make sure to check out the Aardman films I have searched through. You should find some real hidden gems.

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Matter of Loaf and Death – https://blogblowfish.wordpress.com/2015/10/06/easter-eggs-in-wallace-and-gromit-a-matter-of-loaf-and-death/


Continuing with the Aardman easter eggs, I watched Flushed Away to see the hidden details. This was the best film so far, probably because they could add whatever they wanted because it was CGI, rather than having to make it physically for stop motion.

We start with a 50 Cent reference. Introducing to you 40 Pence!

40pence Flushed Away Easter Eggs
40 Pence In Da House

Two Aardman books including Cracking Animation.

Aardman books Flushed Away Easter Eggs
Great Reading Choices

A Tail of Two Cats. Alex the Lion from Madagascar and the Cat from Creature Comforts.

Cat and Lion Flushed Away Easter Eggs
Two Cats
alex the lion madagascar
Alex the Lion
Creature Comforts Cat
Creature Comforts Cat

Some more Creature Comfort characters.

Creature Comfort Flushed Away Easter Eggs
All the Creature Comfort Gang

Some recognisable DVDs including Over the Hedge, Shrek, Antz, and Wallace and Gromit Curse of the Were Rabbit.

DVDs Flushed Away Easter Eggs
Great DVD Collection Roddy

This looks like a fighting game with Feathers McGraw vs Preston. The question is who would you back and where do I get an arcade machine like that?

Feathers and Preston Flushed Away Easter Eggs
Feathers vs Preston – Who will win?

A Gromit Pencil topper available at all good ebay stores.

Gromit Pencil Topper Flushed Away Easter Eggs
Gromit Pencil Topper

Surely another Gromit reference?

Gromit Reference Flushed Away Easter Eggs
Got to be a Gromit Reference

Gromit Plushie. Need I say more?

Gromit Toy Flushed Away Easter Eggs
Oh Gromit

A sock monkey of the monkey from Madagascar.

Monkey Madagascar Flushed Away Easter Eggs
Madagascar Sock Monkey
Madagascar Monkey Flushed Away Easter Eggs
Madagascar Monkey

An obvious reference to Dreamwork’s rival Pixar. Doesn’t really look like Nemo though.

Nemo Flushed Away Easter Eggs
Have you seen my dad?

These penguins sneak in everywhere.

Penguins Flushed Away Easter Eggs

The rabbits from Were Rabbit.

Rabbits Flushed Away Easter Eggs
Veg Bad… Veg Bad…

Rex the Runt, Aardman’s TV series gets a reference too.

Rex the Runt Flushed Away Easter Eggs
Rex the Hunt

Shaun also gets two nods.

Shaun 2 flushed Away Easter Eggs
He’s Shaun the Sheep
Shaun the Sheep Pic Flushed Away Easter Eggs
He’s Shaun the Sheep

We also get a Shrek reference.

Shrek Flushed Away Easter Eggs
Shrek Fridge Magnet

Recognise this picture?

Wallace and Gromit Pic Flushed Away Easter Eggs
Wallace and Gromit Picture


Or this one?

Wallace Football Flushed Away Easter Eggs
Wallace from Cracking Contraptions playing the Bootiful Game

Or this Costume?

Wallace Suit Flushed Away Easter Eggs
Wallace Costume

Two for one. A Wendolene picture and a Chicken Run DVD.

Wendolene and Chicken Run Flushed Away Easter Eggs
Two for the price of one… Wendolene and Chicken Run

A newspaper reference to the Were Rabbit terrorising West Wallaby Street.

Were Rabbit Flushed Away Easter Eggs
Were Rabbit Reference

Last but not least, a Wolverine reference. Wolverine is played by Hugh Jackman, and so is Rodney, so why not have a Wolverine costume.

Wolverine Flushed Away Easter Eggs
Wolverine Costume

Thanks for reading. I have finally found all the other DVDs for the other Aardman films, so stay tuned Fishy Friends!