Lego Disney Minifigures

An image was leaked the other day of a new set of collectable Lego minifigures. They are all based around Disney characters. It is common knowledge that Disney has had a link with Lego for years. So this new series makes perfect sense. I will go through the characters and discuss some others that I think we will see in future series.

Lego Disney Minifigures

The characters in the first series are:

Mickey Mouse

Minnie Mouse

Donald Duck

Daisy Duck

Peter Pan

Captain Hook












Cheshire Cat

I would say this is a great start to a series. We haven’t got all the famous characters out, so they have something to bring out in future lots. I also find it great to see some Pixar characters. I have not seen a single classic Disney film like Aladdin, Snow White, or The Little Mermaid, but I am a massive fan of everything Pixar. If I were to collect these I would probably try and “feel out” the Pixar characters and probably Mickey and Donald, while leaving all the other characters. I was a fan of some of the old Disney cartoons like Recess and Fillmore, so if they decided to bring out some figures from that I would also be interested. I know Stitch is probably a more popular character than those from Recess and certainly more popular than Fillmore, but you can’t blame a guy for dreaming. Who wouldn’t want a minifigure of TJ, Spinelli, Gretchen, Gus, Vince, or Mikey?

recess lego disney minifigures


This image above has circulated a few sites recently. This is supposedly some of the figures we can expect from the new series. Some of them seem plausible as we have seven of the characters confirmed. The look slightly different in the real pictures, but the representation is pretty spot on. I don’t buy this image though. Six figures representing Kim Possible? I don’t think so. A Barbie and Ken figure? Unless Hasbro has done a licensing deal with Lego this is never going to happen. That is why I question the validity of the picture. You can believe, but unless most of the figures get made I won’t be.

In the confirmed image, the different properties featured are varied. We have the classic Disney characters like Mickey and Donald, the old cartoon characters, as well as the modern 3D characters. With some of the characters you can almost guess some other characters that will appear.

As we have Buzz and the Alien we can only assume we will have Woody too, maybe even Jessie. I can’t see them being the same as they appeared in the sets a few years ago. The alien still looks the same, but Buzz has lost his special moulded head and has a normal head with a decal. This is why I think Woody and Jessie would also have a normal head and probably have normal length legs too.

toy story lego disney minifigures

The inclusion of Dash and Syndrome can only mean Helen, Bob, and Violet are to come? I would like to think so. Why would Lego put in the two characters if they didn’t plan on adding the other three characters? I wouldn’t say Syndrome and Dash are the most popular characters. If they do make a figure of the rest of the family I will find it interesting to see how they make the figures portray their special powers. Will Helen and Violet be taller? Will Bob be a bigger figure?

incredibles lego disney minifigures

With it being the first series, it is obvious why they included the favourites of Donald, Mickey, and Minnie. These three characters are Disney personified and are the faces of the company. Putting these main characters in the first series is a good start and hopefully get people in the series. I am slightly bemused by the inclusion of Daisy though. Unless Daisy is more popular in the US than in the UK, I can’t see she has the same kind of pulling power as the other three, but maybe she is there as the “girlfriend” of Donald, like Mickey and Minnie.  These four main characters are good for a start, and it also leaves room for another lot of characters to be the linchpin of the other series. I would like to see Goofy and Pluto in the next series. Characters like Oswald the Unlucky Rabbit, Chip and Dale, and Scrooge McDuck will be some other well-known Disney characters that could be included.

The rest of the characters hint at some more characters we could be seeing. No Lilo with Stitch? No Tinkerbell with Peter Pan? We should be seeing the rest of the characters from the films represented. We will probably see all the Disney Princess represented in future series. I can see Tinkerbell, Lilo, Mad Hatter, Jasmine, and Snow White being made later on to fit in with the characters already here.

This leaves me to question what characters I think they should do. I think having a couple of Princesses in each series will really draw people in. Lego have already made the princesses in the Friends style. I also think a good spread of Pixar characters will see them right. They will probably continue with characters from old films too, like Dumbo, Pinocchio, and Winnie the Pooh.

Now onto the characters that I want to see.

As I have mentioned I would love to see some Recess characters. If they have done Lilo and Stitch they obviously don’t mind taking characters from Disney Toons.

I love the Pixar films so including a few main characters from every film would be great. I don’t think they will try to do any Cars or Finding Nemo characters, but I think they could mould some heads for Bugs Life, Monsters Inc, and Ratatouille characters.  If they could pull off some great likenesses of these characters I will be more than happy.

Now I like Pixar, but I also like some of the original Disney 3D films. Some figures representing this side of Disney would also be cool. I would love to see some Chicken Little, Wreck It Ralph, and Big Hero Six characters.

big hero six lego disney minifigures
What they could look like.

I love Phineas and Ferb too. So some figures of them would be nice. I do know Lego planned to use the two in a Lego game before so you never know!

lego phineas and ferb disney minifigures
Lego Phineas and Ferb Board Game

This has also got me thinking. Will Disney be taking any characters from Live action properties? Will we be seeing High School Musical, Suite Life, or National Treasure characters? I doubt it. What about Muppets?

muppets lego disney minifigures

I am excited about this development, and will certainly be buying some of the bags. I hope they include some great characters and both sides, Lego and Disney, do well enough from it that they carry it on until almost every Disney character has been done!




lego feature

Lego Week is Cool when its on BB! We all love the interlocking brick toy! As always the schedule:

Tuesday: A look at the new Disney minifigure series

Wednesday: Lego Sets that are worth a fortune

Thursday: A look at a Lego project I am involved in

Friday: My favourite Lego sets

These are subject to change!

The Culture Clash this week is between three things instead of two!

We have the classic Lego themes battling it out!

Space vs Pirates vs Castle!

lego castle pirate space theme culture clash

game show board games feature

I like board game and I like game shows. But it is often very hard to put the pair together. Often these game show board games are seen as cash ins on the popular show. For this reason most aren’t very good. Yet, a few do get through and  surprise us.

The Good:

QI Board Game

I have never really watched QI, but I do know the format. The board game stays true to the format. You must answer a question from a booklet, and try to answer it correctly and not falling into the trap of the obvious but wrong answer. You then get points for your answers; if you were right you move forward, but if you were wrong and gave the obvious answer and are called out you go back so many spaces. The winner is the person to get to end of the board.

The thing I like about the game is the sheer amount of questions. There is just over 2500 question contained in 4 booklets. The thing I really like is the way the questions are picked. Rather than just picking out the card and reading the question, the play whose round it is rolls the dice. The colour booklet corresponds with the place you are on the board, while the dice tell you the number of the question from 1-666. I like the way this works as you feel the questions are incredibly random, and not just what the question master picks out of the card stack.

The board game certainly resonates with the programme, so I think any QI fan would enjoy it, once they figure out all the complicated rules.

qi board game game show board games Q I

Countdown Board Game

It is a very simple format, but Countdown has longevity. The show consists of 3 different rounds each designed to test your spelling, maths, and logic. I am sure you know the format by now. You start with a letters round where different letters are put up on a board and the player must make the longest word out of the those letters. The next kind of round involves numbers. The player must make a 3 digit number by adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing the 5 numbers they are give. The closest player to the total wins. The last round is the Countdown conundrum, where a nine letter anagram and a clue are given to the players. The first one to correctly guess the anagram wins.

The game is very similar to the show. It gives so much playability that you could play it forever, provided you leave out the conundrums. This is because all the letters and numbers are on separate cards and can be shuffled to give randomness.  The number who have to make in the maths round are chosen by a 8 sided dice. A fan of the show will undoubtedly enjoy it, and should get years of fun out of it.

countdown board game game show

The Bad:

Pointless Board Game

The point of Pointless is to get the most pointless answer. Got it? Good. Each player has to try and guess the answer which no one else has given. The show has different rounds with different styles of question. Some rounds just ask a straight out question, others give you ones to choose, and the head-to-head ones gives you fewer options. These different rounds are represented in the cards with the questions in the game.

As much as I like the programme, the game just doesn’t live up to it. As soon as you have used up the cards it seems like you can’t play again as most people would know the good answers. It also kicks out the players who lose the round, until the final round to have a stab at winning. It is a good game to play, but won’t be fun forever.

pointless board game game show

The Chase Board Game

The Chase board game has similar problems to the Pointless board game. The format is good fun, yet you still have the same problem with the cards. You only have so many questions until you know the answers to them all. I have heard someone say that they have only played a few times and already got through 25% of the questions. If you are beaten by the Chaser you have to sit out again too.

Not many people would like the fact they if they lose to their “chaser” they are out of the game, especially if they were the first contestant. The Chase is a fun concept, and being able to play against your smartest family member is also good fun.

the chase board game game show

The Ugly:

The Crystal Maze Board Game

It must have seemed like a good idea to make a Crystal Maze board game, but in reality it wasn’t. The show is based around four different zones each with varying mini games. The board game aims to provide the same kind of fun mini games as seen in the programme. Unfortunately, the components are so hard to use, and the game so fiddly, it is very hard to actually play the game. I once had a copy and struggled to play it and thus never played it again. It may well have been better than I remember, but I remember a very clunky and poorly made board game.

crystal maze board game game show

lego miniature SNES

After being inspired by this guy’s amazingly cool miniature Lego NES, I decided to try my hand at a miniature SNES.


This is what it ended up looking like.


If you would like to create this SNES you can follow the instructions below.

Lego SNES Instructions

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Today’s post comes out of my boredom while working today. I managed to make a really good paper helicopter out of the stationery dotted around the counter. This helicopter will spin down, must like a sycamore seed, when it is thrown. You can build this if you get bored at school or at work. This is how I built it.

All you will need is:

A Post It Note

A Paper-clip


How to make a paper helicopter out of office supplies


First of all fold the post it note in half.


How to make a paper helicopter out of office supplies


Now cut along the folded line on the post it note.


How to make a paper helicopter out of office supplies


You must now cut three equal tabs half way along the length of one half of the post it note.


How to make a paper helicopter out of office supplies


Just like this picture.


How to make a paper helicopter out of office supplies


You must now fold the tab on the right down, and then turn it over and fold down the left tab on the other side. This should leave you with one tab folded down on one side and the other tab folded down on the other side.


How to make a paper helicopter out of office supplies


Now use your scissors to cut off the unwanted tab in the middle.

How to make a paper helicopter out of office supplies


Now fold the paper lengthways so that it forms a lightning bolt shape in the centre and then flatten it out.


How to make a paper helicopter out of office supplies


Lastly you can place the paperclip on the bottom of the helicopter. Make sure it is centred and holding the centre fold closed.

How to make a paper helicopter out of office supplies

Now you are ready to test it. I recommend to throw it by holding the bottom and throwing it like a ball overarm. You should get the hang of getting the best amount of spin on the way down.

Air Mags Back to the Future

Perhaps one of the most recognisable features of Back to the Future’s utopian view of 2015, has to be the hoverboards. In this post I hope to show you the history of the hoverboard, from its initial conception to its eventual production.

Although everyone assumes hoverboards were first created for Back to the Future, it may surprise you that one of the original concepts was conceived way back in the 1950s. This was named the Hiller VZ Pawnee, and rather than a board it was more of a floating platform. It was built for use by the American Army, but they didn’t really see its potential so only six were made, although they flew them successfully throughout the late 1950’s.

Hiller Aircraft Hoverboard Back to the Future
Hiller Aircraft Floating Platform

From what I can tell the first place we really saw something resembling a hoverboard was on the Jetsons. It seems logical for the first appearance of one to be on a cartoon set in the future. They appear to ride them like Griff and his gang as they hold a piece of string. We are never told that this gadget is a hoverboard, but it certainly acts like one.

Jetsons Hoverboard Back to the Future
The Jetson’s Hoverboard

After its first appearance on television, the hoverboard became a household name when Back to the Future II came out in 1989. The film shows a hoverboard used as a scooter until Marty rips of the handlebars and uses it as a  skateboard. The board takes an important role in the film getting Marty out of many scrapes. Since the film, the idea of a hoverboard has fascinated generations, so many different scientists and scientific organizations have been trying to recreate one for themselves. Unfortunately, they missed the deadline to create one working like it did in the film, but we do know they are still going to continue their work until a great one is on the market.

Back to the Future hoverboard
BTTF’s Hoverboard

In 2001 rumours went around telling people that a hoverboard was in production and soon to come out to market. This project was codenamed “Ginger” and was created by Dean Kamen. The project turned out to be the Segway which was a gyroscopic, two-wheeled form of transportation. Obviously it wasn’t anything like a hoverboard because a hoverboard doesn’t have wheels. So why people thought he was making a hoverboard, I’ll never know.

Back to the Future Hoverboard segway
Not really a hoverboard.

Between 2004 and 2005, two tv shows tried their hand at building their own hoverboards. These programmes were Mythbusters and the Gadget show. Both shows went about the project in pretty much the same way; neither bothered using different chemical reactions or magnets, but used leaf blowers and boards. At this time not even Jamie Hyneman or Jason Bradbury could create a hoverboard as they both ended as failures.

Gadget Show Jason Bradbury Hoverboard Back to the Future
Jason Bradbury’s Hoverboard
Jamie Hyneman mythbusters Back to the Future Hoverboard
The Mythbuster Hoverboard

It wasn’t until 2011 when some real institutions tried their hands at cracking it. This year the Université Paris Diderot in France showed off their “Mag Surf.” Their hoverboard could hover 3cm off the ground by using a superconductor and a magnetized floors. You can watch their demonstration video below.

There have been two high profile hoaxes too. A gentleman by the name of Greg Henderson launches a Kickstarter for his hoverboard in 2014. It turned out it was a massive pr stunt as he never really wanted to use the technology for hoverboards but for other products of his. He basically used it as advertising for his business. Another hoax appeared on YouTube called HUVr featuring Tony Hawk and Christopher Lloyd. It showed a hoverboard working just like it did in the movie. Unfortunately, it was a hoax created by the YouTube Channel, Funny or Die. They had used the same effects as the movies to give the authentic look.

After looking at all the different attempts at creating a hoverboard, Lexus have to be the best so far.  They use the same kind of science as the French guys but make it look a lot cooler. The video is just mind-blowing. It may seem that the board is going over concrete, but it isn’t it is going over a special metal surface. Nevertheless it is still amazing!

So lets hope Mattel have been working on it for 30 years and are ready to release their ultimate board tomorrow.

You're Fired Back to the Future Week Print Off Prop

If you are planning to celebrate Back to the Future day this Wednesday I have compiled some heavy crafts just for you. I have found some great things you can make to give your day an extra BTTF feel. I hope you like the ones I have selected. None of these are by me.

The first section will be some great paper craft. I have always really enjoyed paper craft; the ability to create a model of almost anything (provided you have enough printer ink) is really exciting. I have found some of the best Back to the Future paper crafts that you can make very cheaply.

Marty McFly and Doc Brown Paper Craft

These great paper crafts of Marty and Doc were created by Panko451 on deviantart using the pattern created by Cubeecraft. Click the images to take you to Panko’s page where you can print off these great models. If you don’t know how to make a Cubeecraft watch the video below for a tutorial.

Doc Brown Cubeecraft Back to the Future Week
Doc Brown Cubeecraft
Marty McFly Cubeecraft Back to the Future Week
Marty McFly Cubeecraft

The next paper crafts are the various vehicles featured in the three films.

The most popular probably being the DeLorean. This DeLorean model is a fairly complex one compared to the Cubeecraft, but if you are up for the challenge it is definitely worth making.

You can also build your very own time travel train from the 3rd film. You can find both of these models at All you have to do is download the parts and the instructions and any extras you would like.

delorean papercraft Back to the Future Week
DeLorean Papercraft
Back to the Future Week Train Paper Craft
Time Travel Train Paper Craft

The next paper craft is one created officially by Cubeecraft… the Hoverboard! It is so easy even I managed to make it. Heres mine:

Paper Craft Back to the Future Hoverboard
My Paper Craft Hoverboard

If you like this and you want to build it, you can find the instructions here.

The next paper craft is an invitation you could send to anyone for any occasion, but I would recommend using it if you have a BTTF party.

Back to the Future Week Invitation Card
Back to the Future Invitation Card

You will be able to create one of your own by heading over to the Instructables page.

The last piece of paper craft you can print off is the You’re Fired!!! prop from the 2nd movie. This one takes no effort, but can be printed off on any piece of paper and cut out.

You're Fired Back to the Future Week Print Off Prop
You’re Fired Print Off Prop

The next items are ones you can find on Instructables.

In the 2nd film, the Gray’s Sport Almanac is an important part of the plot; with tutorial you can make one for yourself!

Make Your Own Grays Alamanac Back to the Future Week
Make Yourself Rich with Gray’s Alamanac

This is a great guide on Intructables by NamedJohnny.

NamedJohnny also shows us all how to make a hoverboard on Intructables! Unfortunately it doesn’t work.

Make Your Own Hoverboard back to the Future
All made for less than $30

I hope you have enjoyed looking at some of the great projects you do. I am personally planning to do a couple of these. If you are chosing to do the easier projects or challenging yourself with the hard ones I hope you find them fun and encourage you to build your own items.


In 1974, a Hungarian gentleman by the name of Erno Rubik, created a cultural icon. Having sold over 350 million items, the Rubik’s Cube became the toy of the decade. Since it’s creation the cube has gained so much popularity within the puzzling world there are even World Championships held each year to see who can solve it the fastest. There have been many different kinds of cube from the normal 3x3x3 to 17x17x17, as well as many in different shapes like spheres, barrels, and crosses. This post will not include any of these variations, but other puzzles I think would challenge and delight any self respecting Rubik’s Cube fan.

Japanese Puzzle Box Fiendish

If you ask anyone who can solve a Rubik’s cube, you will find out that there are different moves that must be done to complete it.This puzzle box is the same. It has a series of 21 steps that must be followed to open it. These moves are obscure and subtle and would give anyone a challenge. Although the relatively high price, this quality item is definitely worth it. If you are interested you can buy it on ebay here.

Japanese Puzzle Box Fiendish
Japanese Puzzle Box Fiendish

Gordian’s Knot

The reason I feel this puzzle would appeal to a Rubik’s fan is first the colour scheme, and secondly the skill needed to complete the puzzle. When someone completes a Rubik’s cube, they will immediately mess it up and start again. With this puzzle, once you have taken apart the knot, it takes skill to get it back again. So like a cube, if you have memorised a solution you can do it again and again and impress your friends. If you would like to buy one you can find it on Amazon here.

Gordian's Knot Toy
Gordian’s Knot Toy

Oskar’s Maze

The reason I chose Oskar’s Cube was because of its cube shape and puzzle idea. With the Rubik’s Cube you must work on each side separately, but also as a whole cube. This puzzle is similar, the rods sticking out of the middle must be directed along the maze on each side, but moved along the maze on the other sides too. It takes patience and skill to get from the square to the circle and back again. Unfortunately, it is out of stock at the moment, but keep checking the website as it is certainly worth buying here.

Oskar's Maze
Oskar’s Maze


If you get involved in board gaming as a hobby, you soon realise that the mass-market games are somewhat frowned upon in the community. Games like Battleships, Life, and Monopoly don’t offer the challenge and gameplay that hobbyists enjoy. So I know what you are thinking “My favourite game is Monopoly!” As fun as some people find Monopoly, others really hate it, so in this list I hope to provide some better board games that incorporate particular aspects of Monopoly, but aren’t so well known, so that people won’t immediately say they don’t want to play.

Settlers of Catan

Although pretty well-known today, I feel Catan deserves a place on this list. This game is similar to Monopoly in a couple of crucial ways; trading and building. My favourite aspect of Monopoly is the ability to trade properties with other players to try and get a better portfolio. Settlers also encourages trading between players allowing them to swap their resources to help them build. The trading is more serious, however, when you take into account the fact that you may giving your opponent the very resources they need to beat you… so beware… an offer of 5 brick for a sheep is not a good deal. The building aspect of Settlers is also reminiscent of Monopoly. In Monopoly players are able to place houses and hotels in the properties they own by paying a particular amount of money to the bank. Once these properties are placed, you can gain extra money from each player that lands there. In Catan you also build properties and infrastructure; settlements, cities, and roads are the main pieces. A player must pay particular resource cards to build anyone of these items, but with these items brings more resources. For every number rolled joined to your settlement you gain one of that resource, while a city will give you double! As well as these mechanics, Catan adds exploration, risk, and skill that Monopoly can’t offer.

Settlers of Catan
Settlers Of Catan Board

Going, Going, Gone

One rule that is often contested among Monopoly players is the use of auctions. Some players enjoy the auctioning of the game’s properties, while others find it a needless hassle. It you personally love the madness of an in game auction, Going, Going, Gone is for you. In this game you all have to try and collect sets of valuable treasures from paintings to comics, much like collecting sets of properties in Monopoly. At the beginning of each round the treasure cards are placed near buckets. During the round the players drop their money into each pot and the person who has paid the most for each item wins it. These auctions would be fairly easy, but there is a time limit speeding it up. You must get your bids in as quick as possible or they won’t count and you could lose the treasure you really need. The auctions are even more frenzied than Monopoly ones.

going going gone board
The Board Game Cover
going going gone 2
The Components

 No Thanks

As all good Monopoly players know set collection is the aim of the game, and in No Thanks the aim is similar. In No Thanks the aim of the game is to get the lowest possible score at the end of the game. The cards are numbered from 3 to 35 and are stacked in the centre to be drawn by each player going round. Each card you collect adds that amount of points to your score. You will find that there are many cards you really don’t want to take so that is where the chips come in. Each player is given a particular amount of these chips which can be placed on a card that you don’t want. However, you could have used all your chips and have to take the next card. This is where set collection comes in. Each number that you get is added to you, but if you get a number higher or lower than that number it only counts as the lowest number. So if you have a 25 card and then pick up a 24 it will only count as a 24. Set collection is crucial to winning, very similar to Monopoly.

no thanks card game
Wanna play? No Thanks


Since I have been playing Minecraft since Beta 1.4 or something like that, I have come to know the game pretty well. So for this week’s suggestion Sunday I think I will suggest some games that people who play Minecraft will enjoy. This list won’t be full of Minecraft clones. but games I feel take some of the best features of Minecraft and run with it.

Minecraft Skins
Selection of Minecraft Characters

Little Alchemy

This takes the crafting side of Minecraft to a new level. You start with the 4 elements: fire, wind, earth ,and water. With these four elements you can make 550 items ranging from villages to tyrannosaurus-rex by combining two items together to create a new item. You simply drag and drop one item onto another to combine them together. You can only combine the two items at a time, but once you have created that item you can find it again in the menu to the right. An item that is underlined can’t be combined any more and is the most complete element it can be. Each item combination works logically for example water and lava go together to form obsidian much like in Minecraft. I think any fan of Minecraft will enjoy discovering what each item does and how to create new elements. You can play the game here. Or if you need help this website will give you a random combination as a hint.

Little Alchemy
550 Items to Make


Aesthetically, this game is similar to Minecraft; the world is pixelated and has singe isometric blocks that build mountains and scenery. The main point of Gnomoria is to guide your gnomes to create different items that will help them build their world. You direct the gnomes to do different tasks like mining, woodwork, or defence. You have to build up your town using the different materials that you gnomes collect. You can also set up defences around your town to avoid a battle with goblins, by training your gnomes to fight in the army. The better your town is the more gnomes you will get join you. You can buy the game here. Rather than drone on, it would be better if you check out this video.

A Roof Over Your Gnome’s Heads

 Lego Worlds

Without much fanfare, Lego World launched earlier this year on Steam. It has been billed Lego Minecraft, but personally I think it goes further than that. While Minecraft has blocks, Lego Worlds has bricks. These bricks are exact representations of their real life counterparts and give much more variety in building compared to the standard blocks in Minecraft. Both games have interesting mobs; Minecraft has endermen, creepers, and silverfish and Lego Worlds has polar bears, eagles, and camels. Lego Worlds have vast expansive worlds to explore with many different biome much like Minecraft. The one thing I think Lego Worlds has beaten Minecraft on is the building. Lego is a building toy so creating it in a game gives people endless opportunities. To be able to build a great castle and then walk around it is fantastic for any fan of Lego. As much I love Minecraft I hope Lego Worlds does just as well, and I am sure with the popularity of Lego it will be successful. You can buy this game on Steam here.

Lego Worlds Mining Machine
Mining Machine
LEGO Worlds Mushroom Biome
Mushroom Biome